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When you watch some photos online, you may find that there are some watermarks in different location of the photo, the watermark may be the text, some logo or some interesting image. These watermarks can well protect your photos from being stolen by others. You can see the watermark as the identity of your photo and imagine if you upload some photos to the web and there is nothing to prove they belong to you. So it is easy to be used by others freely.

But if you have VeryPDF Photomark as your tool, this kind of problem will not puzzle you again because you can easily add text, graphic, image, etc. watermark to your photos from now on. So you can see VeryPDF Photomark as the safe guard of your photos. In fact, VeryPDF Photomark is a developing application and you can see its main features in this article. If the supplied features cannot meet your requirements, you can tell us to improve the application according to your opinions.

VeryPDF Photomark Can Do:

  1. Add different kinds of images in batches. VeryPDF Photomark allows you to add a lot of images into it and add watermarks for them at one time. There are two ways to add image, one is to open the file picker window in which you can choose the image (s) you want. The other one is to drag the image (s) you need into the application. In addition, you can also add a folder of images into the application. The supported image formats are: BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, GIF, PNG, PNM, PPM, PCX, JP2, J2K, etc.
  2. Add different kinds of watermark. You can add text, image and graphic format watermark for the input images. For the text watermark, you can set its font, size, color, location, rotation angle, etc. For the graphic watermark, you can set its location, color, rotation angle, fill color, line thickness, etc. For the image watermark, you can set its location, rotation angle, opacity degree, etc.
  3. List the input images with thumbnails. When you input the batch images into VeryPDF Photomark, you will find that they are listed with thumbnails by default. So you can easily see each photo and you will know what kind of watermark they need to add. Of course, if you don’t want to see there thumbnails, you can also view them by list.
  4. Support many kinds of output image formats. When you want to export the images with watermarks, you can choose the target format for the images like JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc. For different image format, you can set different parameters for them like the color depth, compression method, image quality, resolution, image size, etc. So you can set these parameters according to you needs.

When you finish set all the parameters for the image with watermark, you can choose an output location to save the target file (s). These are the key features of VeryPDF Photomark. If you have some good ideas or advices about it, please leave your messages or contact us. You will get this application as the gift from us for your support.

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