VeryPDF Preview and Rename

VeryPDF Preview and Rename is a handy desktop GUI application which is easy to use. It is able to preview each page of input pdf documents through a clear preview window and it can also show the basic pdf information in the main window. If you want to rename the current previewed pdf, you just need to input the new name and then save the information.

Now VeryPDF Preview and Rename is under developing. If you want to make it realize more functions then those shown in the following contents, you can bring up your ideas or advices. Of course, great things may be done by mass effort, so is VeryPDF Preview and Rename. After reading the main functions of it below, you can write down your ideas.

1. Add pdf in one whole file folder

There are two ways to add pdf documents in batches.

  • Click the Add Folder button and choose the folder which contains all pdf documents which need to be previewed or renamed and then click Open button to add them into the application.
  • Directly drag the folder into VeryPDF Preview and Rename, which is considered as a convenient way.

If you want to add some single pdf file, you can also take these two ways.

  • Click Add File button to open file picker window and then choose the pdf document that you need.
  • Directly drag and drop the file into the application.

2. Preview pdf documents in batches in a preview window

There is a big and clear preview window in main interface of the program. When you click each added pdf file, you can see all the pages of it will be listed on the left of the preview window and when you click each page, you can see its preview easily. You can zoom in or out the page to see it clearly or you can make the current previewed page to fit width or height.

3. Scroll the current page and rotate the page

VeryPDF Preview and Rename allows you to input the previewed page number and you can also scroll the page to any one. You can directly see the first or the last page of the document. To the current previewed page, you can rotate it by different angles from 0 to 360 by inputting the rotation angle.

4. Edit pdf descriptions

When you preview each added pdf document, you can see the description information of it such as title, author, subject, producer, etc. VeryPDF Preview and Rename allows you to edit these information according to your needs.

5. Rename pdf document and use OCR technology

If you don’t like the current name of the previewed pdf document, please input its new name. If you want to use the text in the current page as new name, you can also activate the OCR function to select an area which contains the new name text and then OCR the text into Rename edit box.

6. Undo function

If you have done some wrong operations to some pdf document, you can use the undo function to revoke all the operations to the selected file. Also, you can undo all the files at one time.

Do you want to use VeryPDF Preview and Rename?

You good ideas and gold advice may help you win an authority to get this application for free. So if there are some thoughts coming out after reading this application, please come on to contact us or leave a message!

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