VeryPDF Watermark Service

VeryPDF Watermark Service is a background running application which is able to automatically add pdf watermark for the documents in monitored directory in batches. You can set different parameters for the program at first and when you add pdf document into the monitored directory, pdf watermark will be added to the document according to the parameters you have set.

VeryPDF Watermark Service is a developing application which is able to realize all functions of VeryPDF Watermark and it also has some special functions of itself shown in the following contents. This article aims at showing you the features of this application and collecting your ideas about it.

If you think this application cannot meet your needs, which kinds of functions do you want it to add? If some function is not flexible, how to improve do you wish it to? So please leave your comments here or contact our support team if you have any thoughts about VeryPDF Watermark Service, which will help you get the authority to use the program free of charge!

Special main features of VeryPDF Watermark Service:

1. Run in background

VeryPDF Watermark Service is able to run in background, which does not disturb you to do any other work. All the work can be seen to be done automatically.

2. Batch add pdf watermark

This application allows you to add pdf watermark in batches when you add the pdf documents in the same specified folder, which can make your work easier and faster.

3. Monitor the file in specified folder

VeryPDF Watermark Service allows you to add a specified folder so that it can monitor the input pdf documents in it real time. If some pdf document is detected to be input in, it will instantly add pdf watermark according to the parameters you have set.

So if you have other ideas about this application or you want it to realize some functions, you can leave message here or contact us anytime. If your ideas are adopted by our designers, you will be able to use VeryPDF Watermark Service without any payment.

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