Why my VeryPDF PCL Converter run slowly in 64 bit server?

Q:I have a licensed Enterprise copy of your software and we will be shortly moving to a new server, a windows 64 bit server. Will this product continue to run on a 64 bit machine? Currently, we are on a 32 bit server.


A: Hi, most of the VeryPDF software are Windows system based, they can work excellently in all the Windows system both 32 bit and 64 bit. So you can move VeryPDF PCL Converter to a 64 bit server. It can help you  convert print files (PCL, PXL and PX3) to PDF, PS, TIF/TIFF, JPG/JPEG, BMP, PCX, and PXL.


Q:I am finally back on this project. So I installed the VeryPDF on a 64 bit machine and it runs really slow, approximately 9 to 10 seconds to convert a PCL file to PDF. When I run this on my 32 bit machine, it runs in under a second. I think something is not right with the software. Can you assist?


A:As far as I know, wow64 is fast too, although wow64 will translate from 32bit instructions to 64bit CPU on 64bit system, but there shouldn't cause "900%" difference on conversion speed.Just for checking, is your 64bit system running the Anti-virus application? if yes, we suggest you may disable Anti-virus application to try again, because Anti-virus application will "slow" the application a lot.
We are planning release a 64bit version of pcltool.exe after three months, our engineers are busy on PCL Converter for Mac system now, you can find our PCL Converter for Mac series products from following web page,http://www.verypdf.com/product/all-mac.html .
Our engineer will work on 64bit version of PCL to PDF Converter as soon as they have time.However, if you need 64bit version of pcltool.exe urgently, we can provide the custom-build development service to you, I guess we can port it to 64bit system within five business days.

In a word, when this kind of matter happens, you can use the two ways to solve this matter.

1.Use Administrator privilege;

2. Disable Anti-virus application;


The last customer reply:I got to tell you, whoever on your staff said to disable the anti-virus was dead on! We disabled anti-virus from checking the VeryPDF directory and it now runs 300% faster than on the old server. Just from a reference standpoint, anti-virus running, 9.5 seconds, 32 bit runs the job in 1 second which is how I got 900% slower. Disabling anti-virus and using wow64, .3 second which is now 300% faster than on the 32 bit server.
At this speed, I don't need a native 64 bit converter but I also think it's a good idea to come out with one for the future.
Great call support, that did the trick!


If you have any question about VeryPDF software or file format conversion, you are welcome to contact us by the ways supported on this website.

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