How to produce interesting flip book and epub from PDF?

PDF to Flash Flip Book Converter helps you produce interesting flip book. And PDF to ePub Converter helps you produce epub files from PDF professionally.

You can download PDF to Flash Flip Book Converter here, also you can try PDF to ePub Converter here. Both of PDF to Flash Flip Book Converter and PDF to ePub Converter can help you process PDF files to other types of files. And flip book can be embedded on your website or be shared with your friends etc., epub files can be put in portable devices, e.g., ipod, iphone, ipad, itouch etc., which is a kind of e-book. However, how do they work in producing interesting flip books and epub files from PDF files indeed? Let us unveil them right now!

About producing interesting flip book with PDF to Flash Flip Book Converter

Usage of PDF to Flash Flip Book Converter:

pdfflip.exe file.pdf outdir [-options]


pdfflip.exe D:\test.pdf D:\outdir -pw 400mm -ph 800mm
pdfflip.exe D:\test.pdf D:\outdir -tc ffffff
pdfflip.exe D:\test.pdf D:\outdir -bc ff0000

Related Parameters:

    • -pw <int>: edit flipbook page width
    • -ph <int>: edit flipbook page height
      the default unit is point
    • -bc <string>: edit flipbook button color, e.g., -bc ffffff
    • -tc <string>: edit flipbook text color, e.g., -tc ffffff

Then, once you finish process from PDF to flip book, which contains processes from PDF to HTML, PDF to SWF, PDF to JS etc., you can find your interesting flip book generated successfully! However, if you want to experience the successful flip book, maybe you can click on here right now!

About producing epub files with PDF to ePub Converter


PDF to ePub Converter is a GUI tool, so here is the interface of PDF to ePub Converter:

GUI interface of PDF to ePub Converter for producing epub files

After you drag and drop PDF files in batches into processing table, you can optionally set converting preconditions with GUI interface. For instance, to convert text and images of PDF to epub, please click the relative radio there; to consider each page of PDF as an image in process from PDF to epub, please click the radio below in Output Options; to set specified pages of PDF for conversion later, please click radio Select Range – type page numbers in From and To etc..

Then, it’s time to click on Convert, so after you select one destination folder there, PDF to ePub Converter can provide you epub files in batches from added PDF files professionally, flawlessly and quickly!

However, given your convenience, our company has been designing online flip book maker, which has the function more than ones on PDF to Flash Flip Book Converter maybe! Thus, if you have some perfect ideas on your mind, please do not free to let us know, for in this modern world, anyone can be a “designer”, so what do you think? Of course, you can contact us through With it, even other questions, e.g., “is there other products which can provide us flip book and epub files?”, can be replied professionally. So after you produce flip book and epub files from conversions of PDF to flip book and PDF to epub, what are you waiting for? Let’s do it right now!

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