How to convert PDF to multipage TIFF?

Still looking for ways to convert PDF to TIFF? With VeryPDF PDF to Any Converter, you can easily convert PDF to TIFF with multiple pages. Many people prefer TIFF than PDF, for they are smaller when compressed than PDF files. This article aims to introduce the steps of how to convert PDF to TIFF with multiple pages.

VeryPDF PDF to Any Converter has two different versions: one is Windows version, and the other is Mac version.

The following steps will tell you how to convert PDF to TIFF with multipage.

1.Open the application by double clicking its icon on your desktop or launching it through Start menu. You will see the main interface of VeryPDF PDF to Any Converter.

main interface of VeryPDF PDF to Any Converter

The main interface is mainly made up of four parts.

  • The first part is on the top of the interface, which includes six buttons- [Add]( add the PDF files), [Delete] (delete the PDF file you choose), [Clear] (remove all the PDF files), [Setting] (set the related parameters), [Start] (start the conversion),[Register](input your license).
  • The second part is on the left in the medium of interface, which is made up of seven buttons- [PDF to Word], [PDF to Excel] , [PDF to PPT][PDF to HTML] , [PDF to XML] , [PDF to PostScript] , [PDF to EPS] , [PDF to Text] and [PDF to Images].
  • The third part is on the right in the medium of interface, which is used to show the file name and file size of the PDF file you add.
  • The last part is on the bottom of the interface. In this area, you can choose the output folder for the output file.

2.Add the PDF file that you want to convert by clicking the [Add] button on the top.

3.Click [PDF to Images] on the left column.

4.Click the [Setting] button on the top, choose  “TIFF” from the image format list and click [Apply].(By default, it is TIFF, so you can also skip this step.)


5.Click the [Image Setting] button,then tick the text box besides “Multi Page TIFF”. (It is ticked by default.)

Image Setting

6.Click the [Apply] button to apply the settings.

7.Specify the output folder by clicking the [Choose] button in the main interface.

8. Click the [Start] button on the top to start the conversion.

Apart from converting PDF to TIFF with multipage, VeryPDF PDF to Any Converter can also convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to TXT, PDF to other format images, PDF to HTML, PDF to XML, PDF to EPS and PDF to PS.

If you have any questions about how to convert PDF to TIFF with VeryPDF PDF to Any Converter , please contact us via our support team.

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