VeryPDF Text Replacer—Replace, change and remove text in PDF in batch

In a created PDF document, if you have made a mistake to write he as she, you will need to replace pdf text from she to he. If there are a lot of mistakes in your pdf document like this, do you need to replace them one by one? No! The creation of VeryPDF PDF Text Replacer will do it perfectly for you.

PDF Text Replacer is a kind of application which is designed to change text in specified location or page to specified text or image singly or in batch. This application has a clear and smart user interface which enables users to master it in a short while. To use the application, you need to download it at first.



Install the application on your computer and then do as follows to replace pdf text. Please see the interface of PDF Text Replacer in Figure 1. It has the ability to change pdf text with two ways: according to positions (replace the text in specified location in specified pages without replacing any other same text) and according to content (replace all specified text anywhere of pdf file). So when you change pdf text in batch, you can see the following two situations:

 replace pdf text in PDF Text Replacer

                                                                    Figure 1

Add pdf files by clicking the button Add to choose the file in opened file picker window. You can also remove the selected file or all files with Remove or Clear button.

1. Please click According to Positions tab and click Settings button to open Settings window .

  • If you want to change pdf text with text, please check Replace with text option and you can choose text in left preview window and click the text until the button Add to the table appear. Then click the button. You will be able to input the text you want to replace with in Replace with column. You can replace the text in multiple positions.
  • Check the option Replace with images you will be able to replace pdf text with images. With the same way like replacing text with text, you just need to click Open Picture File button to open file picker window in which you can choose the image you want to replace with. In Width and Height columns, you can also specify the image size.  Then please click Save button to save the rule.

 set replace rule

                                                                      Figure 2

2. When you click the tab According to Content, all the text the same as the text you set will be replaced to the one you need. It also supports to replace with text or images.

  • Click Replace with text tab and click Add Rule (s) button. Input the text you want to replace in Find What column and input the text you want to change with in Replace with column. You can add multiple rules at one time. Please see Figure 3.

replace pdf text with text according to content

                                                              Figure 3

  • Click Replace with Image and click Add Rule (s)  button to add rules. Input text you want to replace in Find What column and click the button Open Picture File to choose replacing image in popup file picker window in Replace with column. Then set image size in Image Width and Image Height columns. Please see it in Figure 4.

 replace pdf text with image according to content

                                                               Figure 4

With the help of the buttons Remove Rule (s) or Clear Rules, you can remove the selected rules or all rules from the application. Then please click Replace button to replace pdf text in batch.

For more information about this application, please visit the homepage of it. If you have any questions, please contact the support team of VeryPDF.

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