How to stamp PDF with line by command line?

The command line application VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line supports to stamp the PDF document with line by different color, length, width, position, etc.

In this article, you will see how to use this application to stamp PDF document with easy operations. At first, please click the following button to download free evaluation version of VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line.

free download VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line

There is no need to install the application and you just need to extract the ZIP file to some location of your computer. In the unzipped file folder, there is a folder named as example in which the called program pdfstamp.exe locates. There is a PDF user manual of this application in the unzipped package or you can view the user manual of VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line.

This application is MS-DOS oriented and you need to open MS-DOS interface before inputting commands. The command template for reference is like the following one:

pdfstamp.exe –PDF <input.pdf> –o <output.pdf> [options]

For you to understand this template better, there is an example below:

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "example.pdf" -o "16.pdf" -AL -p2 -mtb80 –w80

In the commands,

pdfstamp.exe is the called program of the work process for stamping PDF.
-PDF "example.pdf" is to input the file path of PDF document to be stamped by line.
-o "16.pdf" is to specify the output location of stamped PDF.
-AL is the option to add line stamp.
-p2 is to set the location of line stamp.
-mtb80 is to move line stamp to top by 80 points from current position.
–w80 is to set the width of line.

To run the commands, please hit Enter button on the keyboard and then you will be able to browse the stamped PDF in specified location.

The next snapshot is the original PDF document without line stamp.

original file without PDF stamp

The next snapshot is the stamped PDF document with line stamp.

stamped PDF with VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line

In the end of this article, if you want to get more information of the application, please visit the homepage of VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line. You can also free download VeryPDF PDF Stamp Command Line to have a try.

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