Create flip book from PPT for iPhone

If you want to view PPT online with your iPhone, you can try VeryPDF Flipbook Maker and use this tool to create flip book from PPT or PPTX. You can create a flip book from PPT and upload the flip book to the web. Then, you can use your iPhone or any other mobile devices to view the PPT flip book online without leaving browser. With the help of VeryPDF Flipbook Maker, you can create different types of flip books from PPT:  the PPT retaining original animations, and the PPT without animations. This article aims to introduce the quickest way to create a flip book from PPT for iPhone.

I usually make flip books from PPT to help my little kid to remember words and phrase on my iPhone. If you like, you can make vivid flip books with beautiful background and music using VeryPDF Flipbook Maker. I am sure you can quickly learn how to use this product to make a better flip book. You can download the product by clicking Download VeryPDF Flipbook Maker.

1. Run VeryPDF Flipbook Maker

Just click the icon image  on the desktop to run this product.

2. Input PPT

  • Click  image on the main interface.
  • When the Input dialog box appears, click the radio button before Input documents under Input.
  • Click image after the edit box in the Input dialog box.
  • When the Add File dialog box appears, select a PPT file and press Enter.
  • Click Import in the Input dialog box.

3. Design flip book

You can use an image as the background of the flip book you are making. The buttons on the tool bar below the flip book can be hide or changed. To specify background, for example, you can do one of the following:

  • Double click the picture on the first panel, then you can preview the background of the flip book in the box on the main interface.
  • You can also import a image on your computer and use it as the flip book background.Just click Add Local Picture under the first panel.
  • You can use an online image as the background, too. If want to do so, please click Online at the top of the first panel, then double click on one picture.  Downloading an online image will take a couple of seconds. The progress bar under the first panel will display the downloading status.

You can set other advanced options to insert music, change tool bar color, use pure color background, etc. But this article will not explain in detail. If you are interested, please read the User Guide.

4. Upload flipbook

It’s convenient to upload the flip book. You can click the Upload  button image on the main interface.—> When the login dialog box appears, you can type your username and password of the account at, and then click Sign In. If it’s the first time to use Flipbook Maker, you can open an account.—> It will take a few seconds to log in to the online service. When the Upload dialog box appears, please click the Upload button there. A unique book URL will be generated.—> Please wait for a couple of seconds. When the Upload Successfully dialog box appear, you can click the View button to view the online flip book and copy the embed iframe code into blogs and websites. 

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