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How can I programmatically open PDF at a certain point?

Question: I've seen a few apps loading up PDF files as the documentation from a certain point within the PDF file. How were they doing this? Answer: Specifying PDF Open Parameters in a URL. You can specify multiple PDF Open … Continue reading

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What is the Structure of PDF file?

  In this article, I will share some knowledge about PDF structure, hoping it will be helpful for further developing software around PDF file formats. A PDF Document may contain many layered things, which means it has many layers of … Continue reading

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Convert HTML + CSS to PDF with PHP

Question: I have an HTML (not XHTML) document that renders fine in Firefox 3 and IE 7. It uses fairly basic CSS to style it and renders fine in HTML. I'm now after a way of converting it to PDF. … Continue reading

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VeryPDF Cloud API for Extracting text from Various Image Formats

What is the VeryPDF Cloud OCR API? The online VeryPDF Cloud OCR API is a new kind of online service. By this software, you can recognize character by Advanced OCR  engine deployed on VeryPDF Cloud servers. When handling OCR, this … Continue reading

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