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How to view PDF as a slideshows?

Question: I'm looking for an answer, if there is somehow possible to view PDF file (ASP.NET MVC 3 project) in other way like a standard in the adobe plug-in. My client wants to show the PDF file like a slide … Continue reading

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Add Page Number and Image on odd numbered pages only by PDF Stamp SDK DLL Library

Hello, I am using your PDF Stamp SDK but have a new situation I need to fix. I amcurrently using the following code to stamp a page number and image on allpages: lngPDFID = VeryStampOpen(strCurrPDF, App.Path & strJobsDir & strWO … Continue reading

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Error/Exit Codes when call PDF Print from C# source code

Hello, Right now I'm getting some random errors (exit error codes) different from zero (when I get the Exit Code Zero (0) all the sheets are printed correctly. I'm calling the pdfprint.exe from a C# application. With the detailed parameters … Continue reading

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How can I render PDF file pages as images on the fly?

Question: I need to be able to convert a PDF file to images (one image per page) to be displayed on a web page like Google Docs does. This is for an internal intranet application where the requirements call for … Continue reading

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Count the number of pages in a PDF in only Visual C++

Question:  I need a way to count the number of pages of a PDF in PHP. I've done a bit of Googling and the only things I've found either utilize shell/bash scripts, perl, or other languages, but I need something … Continue reading

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