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Extracting information from a PDF

Question:I am doing a university project and it based on "Extracting Information from PDF". My idea is to: search and find out correct PDF using the text which I input. eg - there are lots of jumbled PDF in hard … Continue reading

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Correct margins for Letter-sized PDF in order to avoid resizing

Question:I am working on an application that produces PDF designed to be printed onto government paperwork. I measured everything out, got it all to line up, but when my users go to print they have to turn off all of … Continue reading

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Image Viewer in Android

Question:I'd like to create an eBook reader app for Android but in my case, all books are basically just scanned images compiled in PDF format.But after a lot head banging and several tests it turned out that PDF rendering on … Continue reading

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How to get a physical printer status before printing job is sent?

Question:I have a rather unusual problem. I am using xpdfprint binary for the print job from my application. But if the user has a "directly print to the printer" setting enabled and by mistake if the printer is not available … Continue reading

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