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Stamp PDF file with control for position stamp file

Question: Does anyone know about stamping PDF file to PDF file and also controls for positioning PDF file stamp? I have a file orginal.pdf and logo.pdf. I want to stamp logo.pdf file to file orginal.pdf at the top left of … Continue reading

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How to a digital signature from certificate to a PDF file?

Question:In the application a user will upload a PDF file and then upload a personal signature created using a digital pen and company certificate. How can I embed this signature in the PDF file? Is there any solution on VeryPDF? … Continue reading

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Is there a straight forward way to append one PDF, doc to another PDF using C++?

Question:I've scoured the Web looking for examples on how to do this. I've found a few that seem to be a little more involved then they need to be. So my question is, using some VeryPDF application, is there a … Continue reading

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Searching an easy method for converting JPG to PDF in C#

Question:I would like to convert from JPG to PDF, I've checked out ImageMagickNET, but it is far too complex for what I am after doing, it needs to be simple. Is there any easy solution on VeryPDF? I do not … Continue reading

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