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How to fill information in HTML form and then convert HTML form to PDF?

Question:Is there an easy way to have an HTML form on a webpage that, when the user submits, puts the data into a PDF file and sends it to the receiver?The webpage is running on .net. Is there application like … Continue reading

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Can a PDF be converted to a raster image format that can be printed from .VB?

Question:We want to be able to print embed those PDF files directly into the print stream so they don't need pre-printed paper, so we need to convert PDF to raster image first. However, there aren't really any good options for … Continue reading

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How to compare two PDF files through command line?

Question: Does anyone know how to compare two PDF files using adobe acrobat through command line. I want to do this via command line because we want to compare PDF of hundreds of file every day through some automated windows … Continue reading

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