How to convert PCL to PDF and barcode text contents by command line

The command line application VeryPDF PCL Converter Command Line allows you to convert PCL to PDF and barcode text contents.

You’re trying to open a .PCL file you’ve received through an email attachment or a file on your hard drive, but your computer won't let you do it. You get an annoying pop-up window that says, "Windows can't open this file". You may wonder what PCL file is and how it’s created. Printer Command Language (PCL) is the standard print file format for HP LaserJet-compatible printers. PCL files can be created from the Windows print dialog by redirecting the print output to a file using a compatible PCL driver. They can also be created in Unix systems by redirecting the printer queue to a file.

PCL file will not open properly without an appropriate reader and will appear as a series of symbols and numbers when the file is activated. If you do not have the correct software application installed on your PC to view or edit PCL file, VeryPDF PCL Converter Command Line will be an alternative solution for you. It can convert PCL files to PDF files and barcode text contents.

Just with two simple steps, you can accomplish the conversion from PCL to PDF. Please continue to read the following contents.

Step 1. Download and install

Please free download VeryPDF PCL Converter Command Line and install it on the computer. In the installed folder, you will find an executable file named pcltool.exe which is the called program for the conversion.

Step 2. Open command prompt window and type commands

Please run the command prompt window so that you can type commands to convert the PCL file to PDF file. In the opened command prompt window, please follow the template below to type your commands.

pcltool [options] <pcl-file> [<pdf-file>]

To barcode the text contents, you can use the following options:

-barcodetext <string> : Barcode text contents, support mask characters,

#: a decimal digit (0 – 9)

?: any printable characters

                 -barcodetext *####################*

                 -barcodetext *#??????????????????#*

-barcodefont <string> : Render Barcode with TrueType font

For example,

“D:\VeryPDF PCL Converter v2.6\pcltool.exe” -barcodetext "*00432530070000006081*" -barcodefont "Free 3 of 9" “D:\verypdf1.pcl” “E:\ verypdf1.pdf”

This is the end of this article and you can get full version of VeryPDF PCL Converter Command Line here.

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