How to add image stamp by PDF Editor?

For adding image stamp by VeryPDF PDF Editor, you can refer to the following content. There are various software in the market available for adding image stamp. But when adding image stamp is just one of your desired needs, maybe you need to use some more powerful software. PDF Editor is such one and it is really worth trying. So why not slow you step and try this software together?

Step 1. Install PDF Editor

  • PDF Editor is GUI version software and it is totally free of downloading. Once downloading finishes, you can try it free more then 50 times. If you buy one, you can use it forever.
  • Please double click the exe file and follow the installation message. A few seconds later, the installation finishes and there will be an icon on the desktop. Simply click the icon then you can launch this software.

Step 2.  Add image stamp

  • Image stamp can be used to add logos, pictures and new layers to existed PDF files. The following snapshot is from the software interface. Please click Open to add PDF file to software interface. And please click option Advanced then you will see the dropdown list where please click option PDF Watermark Tool.

software interface of PDF Editor

  • Then you will see the following snapshot. There are four tabs, please choose Picture.
  1. please click button Add Picture then the following blanks will turn to fillable.
  2. And the added PDF will be shown in the preview window and here you can turn pages from one to another here.
  3. Click button Choose picture in the formats of png or jpg to add image file.
  4. In the appearance part, please ser opacity, scale, rotation and page range.
  5. In the position part, you can set the position of image stamp.
  6. When you finish setting part, please click Save watermark to save the setting and name it. Next time when you click the name then you can add the watermark to PDF again.

watermark tab

  • When you finish setting, please click button OK to choose the output folder. A few seconds later, there will pop up message reminding you whether to check the output PDF file or not. Then you can find the output stamped PDF in the specified folder.

There is also another way to add image stamp. Please click option Edit Comment then go to icon of Stamp like I showed in the following snapshot. Then you can also add an image stamp.

add image stamp

By either one of the methods, you can add image stamp. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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