PDF Content Splitter is not support Encrypted PDF File

Subject : Test PDF split by contents, result “failed”


Hereby I sent you more information on the ticket with number. To give you this information I had to install the software again, as I mentioned in the ticket that I already uninstalled it.

Some more information:

The PDF is generated by an application and can always be opened with Adobe Reader.

I like to split the content with option 3 on the text at position

X – 172 Y 169 (This is the number behind text “Tussenpersoonnummer”)

I made a rule “tpnummer” on that very location.

It must result in pdf files grouped per number, that can be sometimes 1 page and for other numbers it can be more than 1 page per file.

On my screen I see the following information


The file must split when 33333 will change in another number

Then I’ll return to the main screen and mouse click on split.

Here the results:


Some more rows in the status.


The progress status tells me it’s finished / the result tells me: “Failed”.

There are no splitted files in the output dir. I’ ve tested it with output dir’s without spaces in it’s name.

I’ve also tested it with a unlocked PDF. In both cases, no successful results.

Can you give me information on what is going wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


We have double checked your PDF file carefully, your PDF file is protected by password, please refer to following screenshots,



VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter is not support encrypted PDF file at the moment, you should better use VeryPDF PDF Password Remover to remove the security settings from this PDF file first, then you can use VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter to split decrypted PDF file without any problem.

PDF Password Remover can be downloaded from following web page,


You can use VeryPDF PDF Content Split to split new decrypted PDF file without any problem now,


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