pdfstamp command version not support Chinese Code(UTF-8)?

Dear Verypdf:
When will your product support Chinese (UTF-8)?
Or, it needs additional charge for the support. how much is the cost?
Thank you!


PDFStamp Command Line product does support UTF16 string, please refer to following examples,

Stamp a PDF file by Chinese characters (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese characters),

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Chinese-test-1.pdf -at "\x4E2D\x6587\x6D4B\x8BD5" -FT "SimSun" -unicode
pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Chinese-test-2.pdf -at "\x4E2D\x6587\x6D4B\x8BD5" -FT "SimHei" -unicode
pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Chinese-test-3.pdf -at "\x4E2D\x6587\x6D4B\x8BD5" -FT "MingLiU" -unicode
pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Chinese-test-4.pdf -at "\x4E2D\x6587\x6D4B\x8BD5" -FT "PMingLiU" -unicode
pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Chinese-test-5.pdf -at "\x4E2D\x6587\x6D4B\x8BD5" -FT "Arial Unicode MS" –unicode

Stamp a PDF file by Japanese characters,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Japan-test-1.pdf -at "\x3041\x3037\x30C7\x3081\x308F\x30E7" -FT "MS Gothic" -unicode

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Japan-test-2.pdf -at "\x3041\x3037\x30C7\x3081\x308F\x30E7" -FT "MS PMincho" -unicode

Stamp a PDF file by Korea characters,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Korea-test-1.pdf -at "\xB450\xCE20\xFA0A\x3200\x3185\x3180\xB290" -FT "Batang" -unicode

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o Korea-test-2.pdf -at "\xB636\xB625\xB5A0\xB1EC" -FT "Gulim" -unicode

Stamp a PDF file by barcode TrueType fonts,

REM Please install FRE3OF9X.TTF and FREE3OF9.TTF TrueType fonts into Windows system first

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "pdftest.pdf" -o "test-pdftest-barcode.pdf"  -at 1234567890 -ft "Free 3 of 9" -embedfont

Stamp an Euro symbol to PDF page, this command line is using symbol mode to stamp Euro symbol, however, you can use “-unicode” parameter to stamp Euro symbol as a UTF-16 character too,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o euro-test-1.pdf -at "\x40\xA9\xAE\xBC\xBD\xBE\xE5\xA3\xA5\xE6\xC6" -FT "arial"

pdfstamp.exe -pdf example.pdf -o euro-test-2.pdf -at "Price:\xA3##199.95" -FT "arial"

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