How to get bins or trays from a printer and change bin or tray for PDF Printing?

With PDF print command line, how to list only the "real" tray (i.e. physical one).

You can use -listbins option to list the bins from a printer, then you can use -chgbin or -papersource to specify the tray for printing, for example,

-listprinter : list printers in system
-listbins : list bins/trays of a printer
-listjobs : list print jobs in printer's queue
-listall : list printers, ports, monitors etc.
-chgbin <int> : change bin/tray for printer by number
-papersource <string> : change bin/tray for printer by name

pdfprint.exe -listall
pdfprint.exe -listbins -printer "docPrint"
pdfprint.exe -chgbin 15 -printer "docPrint" C:\input.pdf
pdfprint.exe -papersource "auto" -printer "docPrint" C:\input.pdf
pdfprint.exe -papersource "Tray 1" -printer "docPrint" C:\input.pdf
pdfprint.exe -papersource "Manual Feed" -printer "docPrint" C:\input.pdf
pdfprint.exe -papersource "Media Tray" -printer "docPrint" C:\input.pdf
pdfprint.exe -papersource "Tray 3" -settraytopclfile C:\test.pcl



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