How to convert PDF to text under Mac system?

Question: I just purchased my Mac and I was wondering how i can convert a PDF to text under Mac though my Microsoft for Mac Word? I have many old applications for PDF to text conversion but they are Window system working only, so does VeryPDF have any application which can use under Mac for PDF to text conversion?

Answer: Now on VeryPDF there is no desktop application which can help you convert PDF to text under Mac. But you can use VeryPDF cloud based API application named VeryPDF PDF to Text Converter Cloud API, by which you can run the conversion from PDF to text under Mac. But as this is API, it does not support batch conversion. You need to upload local PDF to online PDF file then you can use this software.

  For uploading local file to online PDF file, it is quite easy. VeryPDF ShareFile can help you make it. This API does not have OCR function. When processing image PDF, scan PDF, please use VeryPDF OCR Cloud API, by which you can convert image PDF to text under Mac. Please check more information of those software on homepage, in the following part, I will show you how to use this software.

Step 1. Open browser and convert PDF to text under Mac.

  • As all the VeryPDF API run the conversion within browser, please open browser and input URL following the below examples:
    by the above URL, we can convert PDF to text under Mac within browser and maintain original layout. Please check the URL of the PDF to the real PDF file that you need to convert. After input the URL in browser, please press Enter and then there will be a new tab bounced.
    In the new tab, there will be a URL of text, you can view it directly in browser or download it locally to your computer.
  • Here is another example for your reference:
    by this URL, we can convert PDF to text under Mac and specify conversion page range. Please add parameters at the end of the URL and connect parameters by symbol &.
    Here are some parameters for your reference:
  • -f <int>     : first page to convert
    -l <int>     : last page to convert
    -opw <string>: owner password (for encrypted files)
    -upw <string>: user password (for encrypted files)
    -layout      : maintain original physical layout in PDF to Text conversion
    -nopgbrk     : don't insert page breaks between pages in PDF to Text conversion

By this API, you can convert PDF to text under Mac system. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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