Question about PDF to TXT.V3.2,how to extract text from PDF of a whole directory?

Question:Hello,I downloaded a trail version of PDF2TXT. Please kindly indicate how I can extract text from all the files of a directory.For example, my directory contains: fileA.pdf,fileB.pdf,fileC.pdf,and I would need: fileA.pdf fileA.txt,fileB.pdf
fileB.txt,fileC.pdf,fileC.txt.Is it possible to choose a directory and PDF2TXT extracts the text from each file instead of having to choose each file one at a time? I will wait to hear from you.

Answer: When you use PDF to Text Converter V3.2, you can either use it as the GUI version or command line version software. When you use it as GUI version, it can not be used to monitored to do the conversion in batch of a whole directory. But when you use it command line version software, you can use wild character to specify some directory whose all files could be converted and named by the original PDF file. Please check more information of this software on homepage, in the following part, I will show you how to convert PDF to text from a whole directory.

Step 1. Free download PDF to Text Converter.

  • This software could be used as GUI version, so when downloading finishes, there will be an exe file. You need to install it then you can find the command line version executable file.
  • When installation finishes, please go to the installation folder and then you can find an exe file named pdf2txt.exe. Please call it from MS Dos Window then you can run the batch conversion.

Step 2. Convert PDF to Text from a whole directory.

  • Here is the usage of the command line version, please have a check:
  • PDF2TXT <input PDF file> [output TXT file]
        [-logfile] [-open] [-space] [-html] [-format] [-silent] [-blankline]
        [-summary] [-zoom <num>] [-?] [-h]
        <input PDF file>: Open an existing PDF file to convert.
        [output TXT file]: Write to TEXT file, the default is same filename of
        input PDF file.

  • When you need to convert PDF to text from a whole directory, please refer to the blow command line template:
  • C:\>PDF2TXT C:\*.pdf
    C:\>PDF2TXT C:\*.pdf C:\*.txt
    C:\>PDF2TXT C:\test\*.pdf C:\test\*.txt
    You can use wild character to replace file name, meanwhile you need to specify which whole directory you need to convert. By the above command line, you can convert whole directory of C or D or others to text in batch.
    Please note if you use the GUI version, this function could be not be fulfilled.
    The following snapshot is from the parameter list, please have a check.
    parameters of PDF to text Converter 

Please check more parameters and usage in homepage, during the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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