What is API and what VeryPDF cloud based API can do for you?

What is API?

API stands for "Application programming interface". It is the set of conventions/rules that are used to access the functionality provided by a software system. Most often these are expressed as a list of functions with specific arguments and return values that users can use to access such functionality. An important aspect of APIs is that they are often public, which means that the creator of the API has committed to keeping those rules (functions) as stable as possible, so other developers can rely on them to build new software. And API is basically functions used by Operating System (windows) to perform task related to Hardware,Memory, File System,Network, Drawing.

How to test API application and then decide whether they are good for you?

API-level testing implies testing specifically if these API functions do what they are supposed to do. It is not a high-level testing where you want to test if a whole application does what it is supposed to do, but more of a piece-wise testing where you check that each individual function of the API works, without being concerned about the what do you really need. In a brief word, same with other desktop software, it can do what you need. If yes, they are best for you.

What VeryPDF cloud based API applications can do for you?

VeryPDF cloud based API was developed with the most of functions of common APIs. By VeryPDF cloud based API, you can do  document processing and management tasks through your web applications. All those cloud based applications were developed based on those desktop version software of VeryPDF, so they take after most of the good functions. Say Document Format Conversion, PDF Split and Merge, Report Generation, Text and Image extraction, Metadata Removal, Barcode Generation and Recognition, PDF Stamping, PDF Encryption, PDF Form Filling, PDF to XML conversion, HTML to PDF and Image conversion, Image format conversion, more and more.. All those functions can be fulfilled by VeryPDF cloud based application.

  However, different with other API, VeryPDF API is cloud based, so you can run those API within any computer system like Mac, Windows, Linux and others. Only you have browser installed and web net connection available, then you can use them freely. By those API, you can also call them together with other programming languages like C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, Java, Ruby, Amazon, etc.

VeryPDF cloud based APIs are quite cheap, in a month, you just need to spend less than 20 $ then you can use more than 20 APIs. Please check more information of VeryPDF cloud based API on homepage. Or if you have any good suggestion or special needs, please contact us then we will make for you.

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