How to convert your PDF file to AS3 compatible SWF file?


We started using pdftoflash recently to convert pdf's to swf's.

1. We have found that resulting swf does not contain space characters. Of course spaces are visible in the swf, but ActionScript can't access to them as a character. Such methods as getText or getSelected of TextSnapshot class, return the selected text without spaces. I'm referring to this,

That's an issue for us.

2. Is there any option which allows to ignore images from source pdf?

Best regards,
Thank you for your response.

We're at testing stage, so we are trying to figure out if your tool will be helpful for us. I'm sending some example pdf and resulted swf.


You can run following command line to convert this PDF file to SWF file properly,

pdftoflash.exe D:\downloads\example_source.pdf D:\downloads\example_source.swf

Please refer to original PDF file and converted SWF file at below,image


If you wish convert your PDF file to AS3 compatible SWF file, you can add "-as3" parameter, for example,

pdftoflash.exe -as3 D:\downloads\example_source.pdf D:\downloads\example_source.swf


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