Stamp TIFF file, draw text to TIFF file, Tiff Numbering, Stamp Bates Numbers Onto PDF and TIFF Documents, add text to a multi-paged Tiff image.

>>Do you have any product to convert TIFF file to JPEG file ?
>>or, draw text to TIFF file

PDF Editor Toolkit Professional is able to draw text to TIFF file.

img2img.exe is a freeware, which can be used to convert from TIFF file to JPEG file. But it can't draw text to TIFF file, if you wish draw text to TIFF file, you may use  PDF Editor Toolkit Pro SDK.

TIFF Toolkit is a TIFF Toolkit software, which can be used to split, merge, compress, append TIFF files, it may useful to you too.

>>PDF Editor can edit not only PDF, but also TIFF file?
>>We are trying to add text to TIFF and preview it on browser.
>>As you know, our solution is help user to send FAX easy, As user upload a PDF file, we convert it to TIFF and send it via FAX.
>>Now, we are trying to allow user to preview it before sent.

Yes, PDF Editor Toolkit Pro can be used to add text to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc. formats.

Yes, PDF Editor Toolkit Pro will useful to you, you may download it to try, if you encounter any problem, please feel free to let us know.

PDF Editor Toolkit Pro does add text to TIFF file, but it may not respect the "Class F" attributes in TIFF file, but if you are just use it to stamp TIFF file for preview purpose, I guess it is enough for you.

A brief introduction to PDF Editor Toolkit Pro SDK product,

  • PDF Editor Toolkit Pro is a SDK product to add stamps and page number to thousands of PDF, TIFF and other image files in minutes.
  • To address various needs of the user, the application provide different formatting options and user can change the font style, type, size & color.
  • Support not only text stamp but also images stamps.
  • Alignment and margin options for stamps and page numbers.
  • Compatible for Windows 7, 8, Xp, Vista, 2003, 2008 systems.
  • This kind of software are also called bates stamp or bates stamper or bates stamping software


Sample VC++ source code to add text stamp to multi-page TIFF image file,

int main(int argc, char* argv[])



        return 0;


    LOGFONT m_font;



    char szInTIFFName[MAX_PATH];


    char szOutTIFFName[MAX_PATH];



    //Stamp text&image into a TIFF file, get info from a TIFF file,
    //print a TIFF file



        //Add a text stamp into TIFF file


        m_font.lfHeight = 200;

        long id = ImageStampOpen(szInTIFFName,szOutTIFFName);

        if(id < 0)

            return 0;

        ImageStampAddText(id,100,100,"This is a test!",RGB(0,0,0),m_font,0);


        m_font.lfEscapement = m_font.lfOrientation = 45*10;

        m_font.lfHeight = 150;

        ImageStampAddText(id,100,500,"This is a test!",RGB(0,0,0),m_font,1);


        //Add an image stamp into TIFF file

        char szInExampleName1[MAX_PATH];




        char szInExampleName2[MAX_PATH];








        //Get Image Info from TIFF file

        BITMAPINFOHEADER infoHeader;



        //Print Current TIFF Image



        HDC m_tmpDC = ImageStampGetHDC(id);



            char *m_pText = "ImageStampGetHDC() Test...";



            m_tmpDC = NULL;







    MessageBox(NULL,"Please click any key to continue ...","Prompt",MB_OK);

    //Show a TIFF file and a PDF file


        char szInExampleName1[MAX_PATH];


        long id = ImageStampOpen(szInExampleName1,NULL);

        if(id < 0)

            return 0;

        //Show PDF file on an output-device

        HDC hDC = GetDC(NULL);

        RECT m_rectDest = {0,0,300,300};




        //Check Printing status after 2 seconds


        //Set the margins to 50 point


        //Print Current PDF file

        //You can print a special page range at here



        //Close PDF file and doesn't change anything




    return 0;


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