How to convert PCL file to PDF and TIFF files on Linux RHEL 6 server?


I am current evaluating your Pcl2any command line converter to replace our existing processes on a RHEL 6 server and in the evaluation mode it does not seem to honor command line arguments such as page size as we are in Australia and the default page size here is A4.

The other issue will be that we cannot set the various PDF creator and PDF keywords options that our existing solution allows us to do.
It is a developer license we are looking at can you advise by return

Thanks for your message, we have released a new version of "PCL to Any Converter Command Line for Linux" for you, please download new version from following URL,


the new package is contain a "pcl2any2" application, please set Execution Right to it first, e.g.,

chmod 777 pcl2any2

then you can use following command lines to convert your PCL file to PDF file, set paper size and document properties options,

./pcl2any2 -i test.pcl -o out.pdf
./pcl2any2 -i test.pcl -o out-%d.jpg
./pcl2any2 -i test.pcl -o out.tif
./pcl2any2 -i test.pcl -o out.png
./pcl2any2 -i test.pcl -o
./pcl2any2 -i test.pcl -o out.eps
./pcl2any2 -i test.pcl -o out.tif
./pcl2any2 -i test.pcl -o
./pcl2any2 -paper a4 -creator mycreator -keywords mykeywords -i test.pcl -o out.pdf
./pcl2any2 -bitcount 1 -i test.pcl -o out.tif
./pcl2any2 -res 600 -i test.pcl -o out.jpg
./pcl2any2 -paper a3 -i test.pcl -o out.pdf
./pcl2any2 -paper a4 -i test.pcl -o out.pdf
./pcl2any2 -paper letter -i test.pcl -o out.pdf
./pcl2any2 -paper Ledger -i test.pcl -o out.pdf
./pcl2any2 -author author -title title -subject subject -keywords keywords -creator creator -producer producer -i test.pcl -o out.pdf

The new version of pcl2any2 is works great on Centos, RHEL 6 server and other Linux systems.

We have loaded up the software and it is accurately creating color pdf files, however we are unable to create either a Color or Black & White TIF, I have attached the original pcl file for you to use. The file Contains a macro overlay then text.

Can you see if you can create a tiff file and the steps we need to follow.

I will send the PDF file we have created as well in the next post.

Thanks for your message, the "-bitcount" option has a minor problem in the previous version, we have created a new version to you just now.

The -bitcount parameter is work fine in the new version of "pcl2any2" binary, you can run following command line to convert your PCL file to black & white TIFF file at 300 DPI,

pcl2any2 -res 300 -bitcount 1 -i payslip1000run1960_432319868clr.pcl -o out.tif

You can also run following command line to convert your PCL file to color TIFF file at 300DPI,

pcl2any2 -res 300 -bitcount 24 -i payslip1000run1960_432319868clr.pcl -o out.tif

The output TIFF file is in uncompressed format, you can use ImageMagick "convert" application to compress this TIFF file with Packbits or LZW compression methods easily.


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