Only the first page of some PDFs have been processed using docPrint Pro PDF Driver. Use docPrint Pro to convert PDF file to a new PDF file

Today I downloaded the trial of docPrint Pro from

And I am using it form the command line.
For some reasons I am trying to convert PDF to PDF.
But some PDFs are not well converted to PDFs. Only the first page is processed. In the case of Other PDFs, which have more than 1 pages, all pages are processed. So this is not the limitation of the trial, right?

I want to send sample PDFs later.

I attached the sample. I am using the trial.

Only the first page is processed in the case of PDFs I attached.


Thanks for your message, yes, docPrint Converter is not support all type of PDF files, it is only support the PDF files which created by itself. For example, if your PDF file is contain Japanese Characters, these Japanese Characters are refer to Windows System Fonts, docPrint Pro may fail to convert this PDF file to a new PDF file because font missing in some Windows systems.

If you wish convert all PDF files to new PDF files, we suggest you may download PDF to Vector Converter Command Line from following web page to try, PDF to Vector Converter Command Line is contain a font substitution function, you can use PDF to Vector Converter Command Line to convert all type of PDF files to new PDF files properly,

after you download it, please add "-useembedfont" or "-winfont -winfont2" parameters to convert your existing PDF file to a new PDF file, for example,

pdf2vec.exe -useembedfont D:\downloads\test.pdf D:\downloads\out.pdf


pdf2vec.exe -winfont -winfont2 D:\downloads\test.pdf D:\downloads\out.pdf

We hoping above command lines will work better for you, please to try.

>>please add "-useembedfont" or "-winfont -winfont2" parameter to try again,
>>for example,

For some PDFs "-useembedfont" parameter works and for other PDFs "-winfont -winfont2" works while the rest of PDF files did not work with either parameter.

And rather as I explained to you in the first email, I would like to use docPrint Converter instead of pdf2vec.exe.

Is there any parameter of docPrinter as well when I got an error for certain PDFs whose first page only is partially processed?

And how can I view error log files for docPrinter?

At lease, I would like to know whether the process succeeds or not before opening the output PDF in reality.

Thank you in advance.

docPrint Pro product doesn't throw an error for the failed conversion.

You can by following solution to check if the conversion is fail or success,

1. Call docPrint Pro Command Line (doc2pdf.exe) to convert a PDF file to a new PDF file first,

2. Check if output PDF file is exist or not, if output PDF file is not exist, it is indicate the conversion fail,

3. If output PDF file is exist, please read the page count from the PDF file, if page count in output PDF file is same as source PDF file, it is indicate conversion success, otherwise, it is indicate conversion fail.

Please look at following web page about how to read page count from PDF files,


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