How to Create PDF Files and Convert PDF Files using VeryPDF Cloud REST API?

VeryPDF Cloud API is a REST API for creating, editing and converting PDF files. It can also be used to convert PDF files to different formats like DOC, HTML, XPS, TIFF and many more. VeryPDF Cloud API gives you control: create PDFs from scratch or from HTML, XML, template, database, XPS or an image. Render PDFs to image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and many others.

VeryPDF Cloud API helps you manipulate elements of a PDF file like text, annotations, watermarks, signatures, bookmarks, stamps and so on. Its REST API also allows you to manage PDF pages by using features like merging, splitting, and inserting. Add images to a PDF file or convert PDF pages to images.

Supported Platforms

VeryPDF Cloud API’s platform independent document manipulation API is a true REST API that can be used with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python, jQuery and many more. You can use it with any language or platform that supports REST. (Almost all platforms and languages support REST and provide native REST clients to work with REST APIs). You do not need to worry about language or platform limitations. You can use it with any platform — web, desktop, mobile, and cloud. The API integrates with other cloud services to give you the flexibility you need when processing documents. It is suitable for any type of business, document, or content.

Supported File Formats

VeryPDF Cloud API transforms HTML, SVG, PCL, XPS, JPEG, TIFF, XML file formats to PDF. It can also convert PDF to TIFF, PDF-A1a, PDF-A1b, XPS, DOC, TEX and HTML.

Get Started with Document Processing REST API

It is easy to get started with VeryPDF Cloud API and there is nothing to install. Simply create an account at VeryPDF Online ( and get your application information (APIKEY). Then go ahead and use the VeryPDF Cloud API REST API with any language, on any platform.

Common uses

  • Convert PDF documents to different formats including TIFF, PDF-A1a, PDF-A1b, XPS, DOC, TEX and HTML.
  • Create new PDF documents.
  • Split PDF document into single page documents.
  • Merge multiple PDF documents.
  • Transform XML and XSL-FO document into PDF.
  • Convert image files into PDFs.
  • Convert HTML pages into PDFs.
  • Convert SVG files into PDFs.
  • Extract and update text and images from PDF documents.
  • Extractor add stamps.
  • Sign PDFs.
  • Extract annotations, signatures, bookmarks, fragments, fields and so on.
  • Update form fields.
  • Move PDF pages.
  • Count number of words on each page of a PDF.

Convert Different Formats to PDF

  • HTML to PDF
  • XML to PDF
  • TIFF to PDF
  • JPEG to PDF
  • SVG to PDF
  • PCL to PDF
  • XPS to PDF

Customer types.

We have clients of many different types, including:

  • Banks
  • Data processing houses
  • Educational institutions
  • Government organizations
  • Insurance firms
  • Legal institutions
  • Postal/cargo services
  • Search engines

If you need any other functions which are not included in VeryPDF Cloud API Platform, please feel free to let us know,

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