How to register PDF Stamper Command Line software (pdfstamp.exe) and remove demo watermark from stamped PDF files?

Hi good morning,

Recently our company purchased the developer license de pdf stamp command line, We are recording the key but when converting a PDF with watermark still get the message "Please purchase PDFStamp Command Line product to remove this watermark". The steps we are doing:

1.on the command line are run exe pdfstamp => pdfstamp.exe

pdfstamp -reg "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Our license key is 20 bytes and the manual says 16 bytes, Is there a problem?

2.the second line is executed for the watermark is => pdfstamp.exe -PDF

pdftest.pdf -o out.pdf -at test

I will be waiting your answer. thanks


PDFStamp Command Line Home Page,


The new license key is 20 bytes, you can pass license key and other parameters together to try again, e.g.,

pdfstamp.exe -silent -reg "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -PDF pdftest.pdf -o out.pdf -at "Demo Watermark"

pdfstamp.exe -silent -reg "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -PDF pdftest.pdf -o out.pdf -AT "2003 Inc.\n\F" -p3 -mlr-30 -mtb30 -fs10 -fn300 -c2666666

After you register it, the watermark will be removed from stamped PDF files.


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