Cloud API / REST API for document conversions, convert office documents to PNG images


I'm looking into your Cloud API for document conversions and I need the ability to convert most common file types including Office documents to a PNG image output, ideally being able to resize and compress to reduce file size at rest. I don't need any storage or viewing capabilities, just call the API from C# code sending a link to the file as you have examples and receiving a byte array representing the PNG image (images for multi-page documents). I couldn't tell if you offer Office to PNG based upon your Cloud API sales documentation. I see Office to HTML Paper Viewer that performs pretty much everything I need, except I don't need the viewer, just the image(s) bytes. Thanks in advance for your response.

Thanks for your message, please look at following web pages for more information,

You can call "Office Document to PDF Format Converter API" to convert office files to PDF files first,

and then use "PDF to Image Converter Cloud API" to convert from PDF files to PNG image files,

We hope above APIs will work fine to you.

If you wish run the conversion from your local system, you may download "DOC to Any Converter Command Line" from following web page, you can call "DOC to Any Converter Command Line" from your C#, ASP, PHP, C++, VB.NET, ASP.NET, etc. program languages to convert office files to PDF, PNG and other formats easily,


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