Print a document to a local printer and clone printed data to PDF, JPG, TIFF formats, monitor System Printers and record print logs to database


We are a DLP system developer and would like to have a functionality similar to "artprint.exe -hookprinter" in our DLP system.

A typical scenario is the following,

A user prints a document to a regular (local, network, third party virtual, whatever) printer (not to your virtual printer) as usual and the printing should be successful without any sings of the monitoring presence. The monitoring should just clone data the user prints to jpg/tiff/pdf (not important at the moment) files, page by page.

"artprint.exe -hookprinter" works perfectly for that, but it requires docPrint installed.
We would like to have the printer monitoring functionality integrated into our system completely though.

I've found on your site ( )
that looks as a solution. But I was not able to make it operable standalone (without docPrint installed). Is it expected?
Could you navigate me please?

Also, if I might ask you, please make the developer license complete text available to me.

Thanks in advance,

>>I've found on your site ( that looks as a solution. But I was not able to make it operable standalone (without docPrint installed). Is it expected?
>>Could you navigate me please?

Thanks for your message, yes, is a choice to you, you can use to capture printed jobs to SPL files, after that, you can use "VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter Command Line" to convert from SPL files to PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc. other formats at later,

You can use administrator privilege to install "HookPrinter SDK" into your system to try, please refer to user manual from this web page,

If you encounter any problem with "HookPrinter SDK", please feel free to let us know, we will provide more assistance to you asap.

How to add a password to all Windows Printers?
How to record print logs to a database?


We need to develop software that does the following:

- On any windows machine that it is installed on, when a print job is submitted from any application, a popup appears asking for a password to continue. If correct password entered, allow job to print. Else raise error message and terminate job.

- For every print job that is submitted, record the details into a database - text content in the print job, date and time of printing etc.

We need this software to support windows 7 upwards, and any type of printer.

Please provide an estimate of time required and cost for the same.


Sure, this function can be done easily based on VeryPDF HookPrinter technology, we will write an email and talk with the technology details at later.


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