Performance issue in the new version of PDFPrint Command Line application


I have been a user of the PDFPrint Command Line product for some time and previously was running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system with (Physical Server) architecture.

We migrated to a new server with Windows Server 2016 operating system with (Virtual Server - Microsoft Hyper-v) architecture and we are experiencing a slow process.

In this migration, we also performed the update of the VeryPDF PDFPrint v2.5 Build software: Sep 25 2010 for VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line v7.0 Build: Apr 21 2018.

We use the following command line:

pdfprint.exe -printer "\\ SVH-PS-01 \ P87T" -duplex 2 -raster2 -paper 9 -rasterbitcount 1 -xres 800 -yres 800 -printermargins LoteImpressao_0001_123932_843774676.pdf

In the previous architecture to run execution was taking around 90 seconds and in the new architecture is taking 200 seconds.

Is there any reason for this longer processing time? Is there any procedure (or parameter) I can do to improve this performance?


Dear Support VeryPDF,

Our scenario:

We have an old physical server with Windows Server 2008 Standard - 16 cores, 32GB of RAM, in a cluster, connected to a fiber-channel storage. The installed version of PDF Print is 2.5.

We send a batch of PDF files to this server and the files are converted in less than 2 minutes, the average is 90 seconds.

CPU Utilization is around 12%, disk 4%, RAM 20%

The new server is a Hyper-V VM, the SO is Windows Server 2016 Standard - 6 vCores, 32GB of RAM, in a cluster, connected to a fiber-channel storage (using npiv). The installed version of PDF print is 7.0 April, 21 of 2018.

We send the same batch of PDF files to this server, and the files are converted in around 4 minutes.

CPU Utilization is around 18%, disk 2%, RAM 20%

Our problem:

The time it takes to convert the same batch in the new server.

Our request:

We need a way to improve the time it takes to convert files, we also need a way to track how it is going.
We also need to know if this version of the software is designed to work with Windows 2016.

Could you help us?

Thanks in advance,

Thank you,
Thanks for your message, our PDFPrint Command Line does support Windows 2016 system.

If you wish improve the printing speed, you may add "-raster2 -rasterbwtext -rasterbitcount 1 -xres 150 -yres 150" options to try again, for example,

pdfprint.exe -raster2 -rasterbwtext -rasterbitcount 1 -xres 150 -yres 150 C:\input.pdf

We hope above command line will print PDF file faster than before, you may run it to try again.


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