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PDF to HTML5 Flipbook Converter Command Line converts from PDF files to HTML5 Flipbook files for WordPress site

Hi, I am interested in VeryPDF Online Tools. My project is to convert many books from PDF to flipbooks but my imperative is to be able to save these works on my PC, or any medium under my control,to transfer … Continue reading

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Bad PDF barcodes printing with PDFPrint Command Line software

Hello, I have another question on your latest version of "pdfprint_cmd". The version we have (v2.0) has a problem printing some of our barcode graphics, not all. It rendered a large white gap right in the middle of the code. … Continue reading

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How to use permission value in PDF Compressor Command Line? -perms or -dPermissions parameter.

While testing the Pdf compressor command lineI want to use the parameter -permitWhere can I find the values for (int ) ?e.g.: only display and printing is allowed ! RegardsCustomer-------------------------------------------------------------------------------VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line Home Page, alls, I need … Continue reading

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How to merge more PDF print jobs into one print job?

I notice you have an option to -mergeprintjobs. How does this work actually? Currently I'm doing the following... pdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file0.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file1.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file2.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file3.pdf This … Continue reading

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when I called htmltools ActiveX Component from VB6 source code, I got Error 429, ActiveX component can't create object, how to solve this problem?

Hello I have downloaded your trial version of htmltools.exe. I wish to use it in a VB6 program that I use. In my program, I can only generate .rtf files, but my client now wants .pdf. I tried to use … Continue reading

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