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How to use permission value in PDF Compressor Command Line? -perms or -dPermissions parameter.

While testing the Pdf compressor command lineI want to use the parameter -permitWhere can I find the values for (int ) ?e.g.: only display and printing is allowed ! RegardsCustomer-------------------------------------------------------------------------------VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line Home Page, https://www.verydoc.com/pdfcompressor.html-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello alls, I need … Continue reading

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How to merge more PDF print jobs into one print job?

I notice you have an option to -mergeprintjobs. How does this work actually? Currently I'm doing the following... pdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file0.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file1.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file2.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file3.pdf This … Continue reading

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