How to remove duplicate fonts from a PDF file?

hello, I saw that you wrote an application to remove duplicate fonts from a PDF file. I have a project where I have merged thousands of PDFs together, but the fonts (and some images) are duplicating. Can I test your de-duplication software somehow without sending you my documents?

What is the cost?
Thanks for your message, yes, we wrote a PDFFontDelDup project for a customer in the past, the PDFFontDelDup project does look for all embedded fonts in the PDF file, it will compare each font with others, if it determines one font data is same as another font data, it will remove this font data from PDF file permanently, modify all reference entries from this Font ID to the new Font ID, this will reduce the PDF file size a lot, this project is very useful for a PDF file which contain lots of duplicated fonts' data.

Because "PDFFontDelDup" is a custom-build project for a customer in the past, it's an internal project only, we haven't an evaluation version for it yet.

If you wish evaluate it, you may send to us some sample PDF files, we will use PDFFontDelDup.exe to compress them and send compressed PDF files back to you, then you can compare original PDF files and compressed PDF files easily.





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