Does pdfprint.exe remember settings from execution to execution?


We are using pdfprint.exe executed from a server process that issues commands to a command line from a table. This process runs under a special windows (active directory) account that has domain admin privileges. Up to 15 different users submit print requests that are stored in a database table. Some of the requests are for duplex printing, some have multiple copies, some specify a tray. The server process takes these commands, formats the pdfprint.exe command line accordingly, then executes the command on the windows server.

What we are observing is "hangover" of settings from execution to execution of the command. For example:

Two different print job requests - two different pdf docs - all executed from same process with admin account,

a. Job 1 - specifies 2 copies of a doc called A1.pdf to print on printer name BCP01.

b. Job 2 - no copies specified (assumes default of 1) of a doc called A2.pdf to print on printer name BCP01.


Document A1 prints 2 copies on printer BCP01 - as expected
Document A2 prints 2 copies on printer BCP01 - PROBLEM ONLY ONE COPY IS EXPECTED

These results are not completely consistent.

Question 1: Does pdfprint.exe remember settings from execution to execution?

Question 2: How can we make it stop doing this?

Thank you.

Thanks for your message, please refer to following options in pdfprint.exe application,

 -nochgprinter                    : don't change default printer during printing
-nochangeprintersettings         : don't change printer settings during printing

You may run following command line to try again,

pdfprint.exe -printermargins -nochgprinter -setcopyto -nochangeprintersettings D:\input.pdf

-nochgprinter will not change the default printer and -nochangeprintersettings will not remember the printing settings, we hope these options will work better for you,


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