docPrint 8.0 Converter with Hookprint does not work after I logged out the system. How to make a Virtual Printer Router?

I am running Doc Convert Pro on a Server with hook print.

When I am logged in it works, but when the server is running and none logged in it does not work.

How can I solve this issue?


Thanks for your message, when you logged out the system, the docPrint Pro software does stop working, so the HookPrinter Layer does stop working too.

This is because docPrint Pro and HookPrinter Layer are work as normal Windows application, they are not Windows Service.

If you wish docPrint Pro and HookPrinter to work continue after you logged out the system, you may login your system from Remote Desktop, run HookPrinter Layer from docPrint Pro software, and close Remote Desktop, leave this user logged in, when someone print a document to Windows Printer in this system, HookPrinter will capture the print jobs and save to PDF or Text files automatically.


Remark: VeryPDF has two technologies to capture print jobs and save to PDF, Text and Image files.

1. HookPrinter technology: This technology will install a Hook Layer into Spooling system, when you print a document to a Windows Printer, Hook Layer will capture the print jobs and save to PDF, Text and Image files, the spooling data format is depend on original hooked printer driver, the spooling data format may be Postscript, PCL, PDF, XPS, EPS, EMF-SPL, PRN, RAW, etc. formats.

Please refer to more articles about HookPrinter technology from VeryPDF Knowledge Base,

2. Virtual Printer Router technology: This technology will install a virtual printer into your system, you may make a connection between this virtual printer to another Windows Printer, such as Printer B, when you print a document to this virtual printer, this virtual printer will save the print jobs to PDF, Text and Image files, at same time, it will forward the print jobs to another Windows Printer continue, this virtual printer is a Virtual Printer Router, it's a bridge to connect this virtual printer with another Windows Printer.


You can use EMF/PDF/Image Virtual Printer Driver SDK for Windows to implement a Virtual Printer Router easily,

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