I want to merge some billing PDF files together and format the output PDF files to PDF/A files

I have some pre-purchase questions, please. I need to know about your product. I would like to purchase today if possible. Could I get someone to contact me by phone?

Sample questions:

I am going to write a command line utility to merge some billing files together. This will be running on a Terminal Server (and on my PC for development and testing purposes). There are usually 2 people performing billing functions. I want anyone on the terminal server to be able to use the utility (since we may cross train people later).

  1. Is the output file formatted as a PDF/A?
  2. Are there any limitations for file size (This should not be a problem / I'm just curious)


Thanks for your message, do you want to combine two or more PDF files into one single PDF file? if yes, you may download and purchase PDF Split-Merge Command Line from this web page,


after you download it, you can run following command lines to combine more PDF files into one single PDF file,

pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,1,3 C:\merged.pdf
pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,-20,50 C:\merged.pdf
pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,1,3- C:\merged.pdf
pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,1,2,3 C:\B.pdf,5,2,9 C:\merged.pdf
pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,1,1-9 C:\B.pdf,5,2,9 C:\A.pdf,10 C:\merged.pdf
pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,even C:\merged.pdf
pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,odd C:\merged.pdf
pdfpg.exe C:\A.pdf,reverse C:\merged.pdf
pdfpg.exe C:\filelist.txt C:\merged.pdf

Please look at following web page for more information about PDF Split-Merge Command Line software,



If you wish convert from a normal PDF files to PDF/A files, you may download VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line from this web page, you can use PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line to convert a normal PDF file to PDF/A file easily,




You can use "-mode 2" parameter to convert a normal PDF file to PDF/A file, this parameter will analyze all objects in PDF file, it will check and repair all objects in PDF file and arrange them to comply with the PDF/A compliance, this parameter is great to process various kinds of PDF files over the world, you can use this parameter like below,

pdf2pdfa.exe -mode 2 "sample1.pdf" "_sample1-pdfa.pdf"
pdf2pdfa.exe -mode 2 "sample2.pdf" "_sample2-pdfa.pdf"
pdf2pdfa.exe -mode 2 "sample3.pdf" "_sample3-pdfa.pdf"
pdf2pdfa.exe -mode 2 "sample4.pdf" "_sample4-pdfa.pdf"
pdf2pdfa.exe -mode 2 "sample5.pdf" "_sample5-pdfa.pdf"
pdf2pdfa.exe -mode 2 "sample6.pdf" "_sample6-pdfa.pdf"
pdf2pdfa.exe -mode 2 "sample7.pdf" "_sample7-pdfa.pdf"

btw, PDF Split-Merge Command Line and PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line products can support PDF files up to 500MB size without any problem, if you need to support more larger PDF files, please feel free to let us know, we will figure out another solution to you, the new solution will use disk cache to instead of memory operation, so the new solution without maximum number of file size restriction.

If you encounter any problem with above products, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.


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