How to stamp different texts on different pages with one single command line?


We try to stamp a pdf file with more than 1 page and try to stamp different texts on different pages with one call.

Pdf File with 2 pages.

REM pdfstamp.exe v3.5.0.1 from 31.12.2015

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "2pages.pdf" -o "2pages_stamp.pdf" -SR -S1 -E1 -AT "FIRST TEXT" -P7 -FS36 -FN200 -mlr294.908 -mtb-1383.63 -R45 -ML -H -opacity30 -C0 -SR -S2 -E1 -AT "SECOND TEXT" -P7 -FS36 -FN200 -mlr294.908 -mtb-1283.63 -R45 -ML -H -opacity30 -C255

Page 1 with stamp "First page"
Page 2 with stamp "Second page"

Page 1 with no stamp
Page 2 with both stamps "First page" and "second page"

Is this a know issue, is there a solution?

Best Regards,

Thanks for your message, the page range option is a global option, one command line can only use one page range option, if you wish to stamp different texts on different pages, you need separate your command line into several command lines, for example,

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "2pages.pdf" -o "2pages_stamp.pdf" -SR -S1 -E1 -AT "FIRST TEXT" -P7 -FS36 -FN200 -mlr294.908 -mtb-1383.63 -R45 -ML -H -opacity30 -C0

pdfstamp.exe -PDF "2pages_stamp.pdf" -o "2pages_stamp.pdf" -SR -S2 -E1 -AT "SECOND TEXT" -P7 -FS36 -FN200 -mlr294.908 -mtb-1283.63 -R45 -ML -H -opacity30 -C255

We hope above two command lines will work better for you, you may run them to try.


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