How to let EMF/PDF/Image Virtual Printer Driver SDK to call my EXE after emf2pdf.exe has finished?


I am testing the very emf pdf application. I have managed to install the printer and print, but when I go to look for the .emf files they are missing. It is possible that they do not appear because it is a demo? Is it possible to run several specific exes once the emf2pdf has finished?

thanks so much.

Yes, "EMF/PDF/Image Virtual Printer Driver SDK for Windows" product can run a special EXE once the emf2pdf.exe has finished.

In order to call an EXE application after emf2pdf.exe has finished, you may open option.ini file, set the path name of your EXE to "[RunExe]"=>"PATH" option, for example,
;[RunExe]=>[PATH] does support more parameters, you can deliver more parameters to your EXE application, for example,
;PATH="C:\YourApplication.exe" "%1" "Parameter1" "Parameter2" "Parameter3" "..."
;PATH=emf2text.exe -debug -textlist textfiles.txt -begintext "~@?" "%1"
PATH=D:\VeryPDF\emf2pdf.exe "%1" "Parameter1" "Parameter2" "Parameter3" "..."

You can use your EXE to replace emf2pdf.exe application, in your EXE application, you may simple call emf2pdf.exe and waiting until it finish, then you can process the final PDF file continue.

If you wish call your EXE from emf2pdf.exe application, that's also no problem, we can add a new option into option.ini for you, such as,

PATH=D:\VeryPDF\YourEXEFile.exe "%1" "Parameter1" "Parameter2" "Parameter3" "..."

with this new option, emf2pdf.exe will call your EXE and pass the generated PDF file as a parameter to your EXE, then your EXE will able to process the PDF file continue.

If you have any question for this product or method, please feel free to let us know.

>>I have managed to install the printer and print, but when I go to look for the .emf files they are missing.

Could you please send to us all .log files in the current folder? after we receive the log files, we will analyze them for you asap.


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