How to remove Javascript and Dangerous Contents (Executable Contents or Virus) from PDF files?

Hello, I would like to buy your PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line software, I would like to remove the Javascript and dangerous contents from PDF files, I want to remove the hyperlinks from PDF files too, can I do these works by PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line software?


Thanks for your message, PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line software can remove Javascript and executable scripts from PDF files, but it hasn't an option to remove all hyperlinks, however, if this function is important to you, we could add this function into a custom-build version of PDF2PDFA for you.

Just for your reference, the constraints for PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, and PDF/A-3 include:

  • Audio and video content are forbidden. 3D artwork is also forbidden.
  • Javascript and executable file launches are prohibited.
  • All fonts must be embedded and also must be legally embeddable for unlimited, universal rendering.
  • Colorspaces must be specified in a device-independent manner.
  • Encryption is disallowed.
  • Use of standards-based metadata is mandated.

so, I think the PDF/A format will be the exact format that you need, PDF/A format doesn't contain any Javascript and dangerous contents.

Could you send me one thing please?

* A complete and detail list (link to the help would be perfect) of what the pdf2pdfa can remove a this time.

Again thank you for all your time and answer it is very much appreciated.


>>* A complete and detail list (link to the help would be perfect) of what the pdf2pdfa can remove a this time

Thanks for your message, the current version of PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line can remove following items from PDF files,

* Remove Audio and video contents from PDF files.
* Remove 3D artwork from PDF files.
* Remove Javascript and executable contents from PDF files.
* Embed all necessary fonts into PDF files.
* Convert all colorspaces to a device-independent manner.
* Remove all encryption from PDF files.
* Use of standards-based metadata in PDF files.

But PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line can't remove hyperlinks from PDF files yet, because hyperlinks are allowed in the PDF/A specification, however, we can add "Remove hyperlinks from PDF files" function to you at additional development cost.


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