Question regarding PDF Virtual Printer for integrate into our document processing software, the best PDF Virtual Printer SDK Library with Single EXE (Executable) Application

To whom it may concern.

I am a developer at a company specializing in document processing. I have been doing some research regarding your products and found that some of the applications/tools provide some of the functionality we are looking for. However I’m not sure which would be ideal for our purposes.

Essentially, we are looking for a customizable, distributable virtual printer. More specifically, we are looking for the following features:

* A single distributable executable that implements aspects of your tools (including installing the virtual printer)
* Setting a custom name for the virtual printer
* “Printing”/saving the output of a text document (e.g. *.docx) as a non-rasterized pdf somewhere on disk
* Intercepting the application flow before saving the document (preferably in a C# form environment), in order to manipulate the filename and/or manipulate the bytes of the newly generated PDF.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification.

Kind regards and thank you in advance.


Thanks for your message, I'm interested in your requirements, we have a "PDF Virtual Printer Based on Postscript Printer Driver", this product is simple but powerful, you may download the trial version of "PDF Virtual Printer" from this web page to try,

"PDF Virtual Printer" has only one EXE application which allow you to install PDF Virtual Printer automatically, you can custom the name for the virtual printer from config.ini file,


PrinterName=VeryPDF PDFPrinter
MonitorName=Multi File Port Monitor
PrinterDrivers=HP Color LaserJet 2800 Series PS||HP Color LaserJet 4550 PS||MS Publisher Color Printer
Title= Inc.

You can set the output PDF filename in config.ini file also, we can add a new function to allow you to run a special EXE application after the PDF file is created, for example,

RunEXE=D:\readpdf.exe "%1"

After the PDF file is created, the virtual printer will call D:\readpdf.exe application and send the PDF filename as second parameter, then you can process the PDF file easily.

VeryPDF has also a powerful Document Converter (docPrint Pro) product, this product contains two types of Virtual Printers, one is docPrint Printer, another is docPrint PDF Driver printer, this product has more functions than "PDF Virtual Printer Based on Postscript Printer Driver", you may download the trial version of Document Converter (docPrint Pro) product from this web page,

If you wish to integrate a PDF Virtual Printer into your product, I think the "PDF Virtual Printer Based on Postscript Printer Driver" product will be better for you, although it has only one EXE application, but it's powerful.

If you encounter any problem with VeryPDF's virtual printer products, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

btw, we have also a "EMF/PDF/Image Virtual Printer Driver SDK for Windows" product, it's using a different technology to create a virtual printer, you may download and test it from this web page,


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