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How to use permission value in PDF Compressor Command Line? -perms or -dPermissions parameter.

While testing the Pdf compressor command lineI want to use the parameter -permitWhere can I find the values for (int ) ?e.g.: only display and printing is allowed ! RegardsCustomer-------------------------------------------------------------------------------VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line Home Page, alls, I need … Continue reading

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How to merge more PDF print jobs into one print job?

I notice you have an option to -mergeprintjobs. How does this work actually? Currently I'm doing the following... pdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file0.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file1.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file2.pdfpdfprint $ "" -printer MyPrinter1 file3.pdf This … Continue reading

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when I called htmltools ActiveX Component from VB6 source code, I got Error 429, ActiveX component can't create object, how to solve this problem?

Hello I have downloaded your trial version of htmltools.exe. I wish to use it in a VB6 program that I use. In my program, I can only generate .rtf files, but my client now wants .pdf. I tried to use … Continue reading

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How to get correct page count from XPS and .SPL files?

Hello! I'm working on a c# application that needs to analyse a .spl file in order to get some information about print jobs, to be more specific, I would like to have Page-Level colour detection in spool files since such … Continue reading

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I'm looking for a PDF Editor SDK which has View, Edit, Draw, Highlight, Add text, Add pictures, add hyperlinks, add shapes, etc. functions, this will work on a server and supports both Website and iPad app.

Hi, Which of your product packages supports the below for C# and Azure and Ionic environments.(All below for PDF pages) View, Edit Draw, Highlight Add text or predefined shapes (circle, rectangle, rounded rectangle, small predefine symbols (electrical, star) etc.) Measure … Continue reading

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