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pdfprint can not find printer when run it from Local System user account

Hello, I have a problem with pdfprint… When I call pdfprint.exe with this command from the command – line: C:\programme\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe “-$” “XXXXXXXXXXX” -winfont -debug -printer “G11009960_SAP_HPLJM452_TST1” -printtofile c:\jobs\xout1.txt c:\jobs\x.pdf the program works fine, no problem. When I start the program … Continue reading

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How to print more PDF files at same time by PDFPrint Command Line application?

Hello, We use PDFPrint in version 3.0 (Windows Server 2008 R2) for some years.For some time, we have problems with the software. If PDFPrint is started several times at the same time to print different documents from different directories, it … Continue reading

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Print documents to virtual printer first, virtual printer will create PDF files and then forward printed documents to physical printer

Now I can get the SPL file, and use spl2pdf_cmd to convert it to PDF file. BUT got another strange and critical problem: 1. For the PDF generated (FP00001_verrypdf.pdf) by spl2pdf_cmd, when I use vc++test.exe to OCR it as text … Continue reading

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SPL files not generated with HookPrinter SDK installed

Hello, I have found that sometimes the SPL files are not generated after I have installed the HookPrinter SDK, even if I uninstalled and re-installed again. The printer is USB printer, and the virtual printer has also been tried. I … Continue reading

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How to convert PCL file to PDF file and overlay a PDF template as background?

Hi, We are running a legacy software ( cobol ) which produces simply txt-files with a little bit of pcl-code for the printer control.Up to now we are producing our pdfs in 3 steps.1) we use pcl2pdf ( ) … Continue reading

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