Saving a pending print job as PDF. Save Print Job in Queue as PDF. Save All Print Jobs As PDF. Convert Spool request to PDF and send as e-mail. Converting Print spool output in to a PDF. Convert Spool File to PDF. Convert Spool Files to PDF Excel and more. Capture Print Data and Save to PDF.

I printed an important receipt and quit Safari, only to learn the job never printed because we no longer own the network printer the computer was expecting to find. Thus, the only remaining copy of this information is in the print queue.

How do I salvage the information waiting to be printed so I can use it again?

Note: Dragging the queued item from the non-existent printer's queue to an existent printer's queue will print the item. I would like to know how to save the file waiting to be printed so it can be used again.

I am trying to print coupons from a coupon website that only allow you to print the coupons once, and of course whenever I want the printer to work the best, the print job gets stuck in the queue. Because I will lose the print job if I use net stop spooler and net start spooler, I would like to save the queued print job as a PDF file so that I can clear the queue and then trying printing the PDF. Is this possible? I have gone to the C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS folder and copied a file named FP00000.spl from there. In the same folder, there was a file named FP00000.SHD that I wanted to copy, but I couldn't because it was being used by the print spooler. What can I do with the spl file to get the PDF file that I want? I have tried uploading the file to Google Cloud Print, but it does not work.

The Goal

The company I work for currently uses a black box shipping system. Each morning our shipping manager prints out shipping tickets for his drivers. Using C#, I would like to save a copy of each ticket printed as a PDF. The action of saving to a PDF should be done behind the scenes.

Note: The PDF copy would be in addition to the hard copy, however, I would like to generate the PDF copy when the hard copy is printed (or directly after if I can use the saved print job).

End Result: The manager prints a hard copy and a PDF gets saved to an archive folder without any interaction from the manager.

What I've Tried

I've instructed the printer to "Keep printed documents" after printing. This leaves a .shd and a .spl file in the print spool folder. I've experimented with the PrintDocument class, but I can find no way to instruct a job to reprint (to a PDF driver) using a completed print job.


Is what I'm trying to accomplish possible?

Further Clarification:

In case it wasn't clear, I do not want the manager to print the document a second time to a PDF print driver. On average he must print 60 tickets each morning before he can send his drivers out. I don't want to increase that number to 120 AND force him to type in the file names.

Additionally, the "black box" shipping system includes other modules that run other portions of our manufacturing plant - changing software is not an option.

Can I forward print jobs from one printer to another in windows?

I want to forward all the jobs from one printer to another on Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 - is this possible? The scenario would be any print job printed on one would also be printed on the other in a chained fashion.

The printers are all local.

Sounds like you're looking for print mirroring, not forwarding.

To the best of my knowledge, this kind of setup is not possible with the native Windows print spooler. You'll have to get fancy to accomplish this.

Fancy, in this case, would be a custom print-provider. There are third party utilities (paid, I know of no free ones) that do this, as that kind of setup is occasionally found in high print situations like Higher Education computer labs.

How it works is that when you create a new print queue, you create it through a custom print port. This is a software shim that can do things like mirror print jobs between other queues on the system or do more intelligent print-pooling than the native Windows system.

docPrint Pro (with HookPrinter) from VeryPDF is the easy way to convert spool files (reports) to Excel, PDF and more.

VeryPDF docPrint Pro (with HookPrinter) software converts spool file reports to multiple formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, HTML, TXT with an option to eMail. Advanced Formatting for Excel allows inclusion and exclusion of headings, adding color highlights, adding images, multiple tabs and a lot more.

docPrint Pro (with HookPrinter) is can also connect two printers together, it can be used to forward print jobs from one printer to another Windows printer.

Please by following steps to test docPrint Pro (with HookPrinter) version,

1. Download and install docPrint Pro (with HookPrinter) version,

2. Run following application to set Printer Hooker options,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\docPrint Pro v7.0\artprint.exe" -hookprinter

You will see following screenshot,


After you install the HookPrinter, you can print a document to any Windows Printer, HookPrinter will capture print job, convert it to PDF or other formats, and save the file to special folder, everything will be done automatically in the background.


See Also:

Can I forward and redirect print jobs from one printer to another in windows?

Intercepting data sent to a Windows printer

How to intercept and capture a print job and convert it to PDF & Plain Text & Image files and then print?

How to capture printer spooler file when printing and then view and/or print that spooler file again?

Capture data from printer port and save to file (Excel/PDF) with VeryPDF Document Capture

Inquiring about interface between printer and instrument, Printer Driver Capture To File, add watermark to all printers

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PowerPoint to Video Converter converts PowerPoint to Video, PPT to AVI. Turn PowerPoint into video, add a soundtrack and a voiceover to your presentation, and more with VeryPDF PowerPoint to Video Converter

PowerPoint to Video Converter converts PowerPoint to Video, PPT to AVI. Turn PowerPoint into video, add a soundtrack and a voiceover to your presentation, and more with VeryPDF PowerPoint to Video Converter. PowerPoint to Video Converter is a functional application which can supply an innovative way to convert PowerPoint presentations to Video files of excellent quality with all the original animations and sound effects retained. PowerPoint to Video Converter allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations to popular video formats such as AVI, FLV, MP4, etc. You can share the converted Video files on various video hosting websites such as YouTube after the conversion.

VeryPDF PowerPoint to Video Converter GUI,

VeryPDF PowerPoint to Video Converter Command Line,

VeryPDF PowerPoint to Video Converter is the perfect software for transforming PowerPoint presentations into video files. With this program, you can easily convert a slideshow to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, or any other popular video format. You can also add voiceover or music to your presentation, optimize it for mobile device viewing, and prepare it for sharing online.

Want to convert your PowerPoint file .PPT to AVI or other video format? Yes, you are in the right place. All you need is a professional PowerPoint (PPT slides) to video converter. All you need to to do is that import your files and 1 single click, this tool will convert your files into any popular video format, really easy to use.

Save PowerPoint as a video file and watch your presentation yourself or show it to your audience anytime, anywhere!

Features of Video to GIF Animation:

  • Support multiple PowerPoint versions as input.
  • Convert PowerPoint presentations in batch.
  • Support to customize the output video frame size.
  • Support to create videos that can be played iPod, iPhone, PSP, and BlackBerry.
  • Input formats: .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx, .pot, .potx.
  • Output formats: .avi, .swf, .asf, .flv, .mov, .mp4, .mpg.
  • Transform your PowerPoint presentation into video, and easily upload it to YouTube in one click.
  • Save PowerPoint presentation as mp4 video with all animations and sounds perfectly preserved.
  • Preserve All PowerPoint Effects in Video Format.
  • Support even the most sophisticated features of PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / laters.
  • All images, audio and video that you select to insert in your presentation will stay crystal clear after conversion.
  • All text objects will keep their size, position, style, font, color, bullets, and other formatting in your video presentation.
  • Any transition effect that is played in your PowerPoint presentation will be precisely converted into video.
  • Convert PowerPoint to YouTube in one click.
  • Support PPT 2007/2010/2013/2016/laters presentations in crystal-clear 1080p HD quality with all effects.
  • Convert PPT to video formats: MP4, WMV, MOV, SWF, MPEG, AVI, FLV, and more.
  • Save presentation videos for mobile devices.
  • Add soundtrack or voiceover to your presentation.
  • Make HD videos from PowerPoint presentations.
  • Embed presentations in your blog, share them on the web.
  • One click to convert PowerPoint files (PPTX, PPS, PPTS, PPT) to video.
  • Convert to more that 110  video formats, such as AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV.
  • Optimized video formats for playing on computer, tablet and smartphone.
  • Convert PowerPoint to 180+ pop video formats with 100% high quality.
  • Compatible with PowerPoint 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013 of 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Keep complete features and effects of the original PowerPoint files.
  • Detailed output video profiles for web services and end-devices like YouTube, iPad, iPhone and more.
  • Add specific logo or background music to your output video presentation.
  • Batch conversion for PowerPoint files with absolutely no number limit.

Convert PowerPoint presentations to videos of any popular format. This all-in-one PowerPoint to video converter enables you to convert PPT to AVI, PPT to WMV, PPT to MPEG, PPT to FLV, PPT to MP4, PPT to VOB, PPT to 3GP/3G2, PPT to MOV, etc. Moreover, it brings neither distortion, nor a slight loss of PowerPoint effects to any output video.

By converting your PowerPoint presentation to video, it facilitates the access of your PowerPoint stuff on the Web (e.g. YouTube, MySpace, Homepage, etc.), by iTunes and blogs, with Windows Media Player, and on portable devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Pocket PC and Blackberry.

KEYWORDS: powerpoint to video, ppt to avi, ppt to swf, ppt to asf, ppt to flv, ppt to mov, ppt to mp4, ppt to mpg, powerpoint to video, converter powerpoint to video, converting powerpoint to video, convert ppt to video online, free powerpoint to avi, free powerpoint to mpg, free powerpoint to wmv, free powerpoint to video, ppt to avi, powerpoint to video, ppt to video, power point to video, powerpoint video, powerpoint to mpeg video, power point to mpeg, ppt to mpeg, ppt to mpg, ppt to avi, ppt converter, pps to video, pps to avi, pps to mpeg, powerpoint to avi, ppt to wmv, powerpoint to wmv, powerpoint

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VeryPDF Screen OCR recognizes text on screen via OCR. VeryPDF Screen OCR is a smart screen capture tool and character recognizer.

VeryPDF Screen OCR recognizes text on screen via OCR. VeryPDF Screen OCR is a smart screen capture tool and character recognizer. You may use this application to select any part from the screen, recognize text, and save the characters in TXT format. VeryPDF Screen OCR can extract characters from scanned PDF pages, images, protected webpages, dialog boxes, icons, etc. that are displayed on the screen to editable and searchable data.

VeryPDF Screen OCR,

VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter Command Line,

PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line,

Screen OCR converts anything you can read on the computer screen into editable text. Screen OCR SDK is a library that allows on-screen text extraction from Windows applications. It is accessible from any programming language via COM interface, a DLL/OCX call or via a command line interface.

VeryPDF Screen OCR is fast and easy-to-use software which helps to extract any area on your screen, recognize every character and then save as TXT file. The smart tool enables you to select text from anywhere on the screen, including areas that you cannot highlight with your mouse, such as dialog boxes, protected Web pages, PDF files, error messages and so on.

Features of VeryPDF Screen OCR:

  • Able to recognize characters displayed in any area on your computer screen.
  • Recognize characters in any scanned file and can convert it to an editable text.
  • Capture text on webpage that is prevented from being copied.
  • Able to recognize text in English, French, Danish, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Hungarian, and so on.
  • Automatically save the screen snapshot and recognized text on the computer.
  • Able to copy captured screenshot to clipboard.
  • Able to share captured screen snapshots online with other people.
  • Provide menu item to view the directory of saved images.
  • Allow you to review the history of screenshot and text contents.
  • Option to save a screenshot on disk and copy the path to clipboard.
  • Able to customize hotkey to capture.
  • Option to automatically run after system starts.
  • OCR on images on the windows clipboard.
  • OCR engines designed for screen-reading.
  • Best Screenshot Reader.
  • Screen OCR is a screen capture and character recognition tool.
  • Capture text from any part of the screen and save as text file.
  • Select text with visible rectangular selection tool.
  • Recognize characters in multiple languages, including: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque, etc..
  • OCR selected text with one click.
  • Edit captured text directly in OCR interface.
  • Side-by-side windows to edit OCR text intuitively.
  • Simple text edit tools, such as Select All, Cut, etc.

Screen OCR converts anything you can read on the computer screen into editable text.

I decided to create this tool to deal with an annoying problem I faced: I couldn't copy text from a web page. The web page seemed to be using a blocking script, meaning that it would not let me to use the right mouse button to select the text I needed and copy it. As a result, I had to retype several pages of text by hand. It was a nightmare. I wanted a piece of software that would save me from similar difficulties in the future.

A lot of people have test driven Screen OCR, finding it truly useful and convenient. Anyone who works with text that can be only viewed (not copied or printed) will benefit from this program and appreciate its value and usefulness. Screen OCR saves all the text you see on the screen with astonishing accuracy. Whether the text is on a web page, within an image, on a scanned page, or even in a PDF file, Screen OCR recognizes the letters and copies them.

In addition, if you need to quickly strip formatting from the text you are copying from a web page or a document, you can select the "text only" copying mode and paste the clean text without formatting into your favorite word processing program.

This program can be used by journalists, bloggers, web designers, analysts, interpreters - anyone involved in text processing.

Screen OCR is simple to use: Choose the appropriate selection mode, select a text region on the screen, wait while Screen OCR recognizes it (takes seconds), and then just copy it to the clipboard. The available selection modes include whole window selection, scrolling capture, simple cursor capture, and rectangular selection.

The Optical Character Recognizer works perfectly with any of the Windows OS family (any Win32/Win64 system) and does not crash unexpectedly. I use it whenever I need to copy text that I want to transfer in any window on the screen.

I am confident that you will benefit from this text grabber program. Your opinions about the tool are very valuable to me, so I would appreciate your sending me a note about your experiences with it, including any suggestions you may have as well as anything you would like to see in future releases.

VeryPDF Screen OCR SDK for Developers

VeryPDF Screen OCR SDK is a programmers' library that makes it possible to capture text from Windows screens that are under the control of other programs, in real-time. Use it to capture text from any application that does not provide communication APIs in order to feed your program with text. It creates output as text, not graphics, which allows further processing, such as dictionary lookup or relays to translation tools. Imagine your customer capturing any text on the screen - even when a copy/paste option is not available; using a hotkey and a click of the mouse, your dictionary pops up with text already translated/explained.

You can download and test "VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter SDK/COM" from following web page, "VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter SDK/COM" is contain the functions of VeryPDF Screen OCR SDK,

You can capture text from any part of any window, including Windows error messages, legacy systems/applications, proprietary console programs, Terminal Server windows, and so on. Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, this program grabs text directly from the screen, without interacting with application internals.

Screen OCR SDK is an OCR-based solution that is precise and incredibly fast; it can capture text even if custom fonts are used. Screen OCR SDK can be combined with different types of software, including automation software, stock quote analyzers, dictionaries, translation tools, and organizer applications.

- Captures text from rectangle
- Captures word from point
- Captures whole window
- Includes interactive text capture (user can select area or point to screen to capture text from it)
- Provides Unicode support
- Easily integrates into other applications
- Captures font information (font name, size, and color)

We provide C++, Visual Basic, and C# samples in the trial version in order to demonstrate the text capture library features. All samples are intentionally built with the oldest system available - namely, Microsoft Visual Studio 2002. Project file(s) will be automatically converted and adopted by your version of compiler without any hassle.

Although most computer programs can copy and paste text, not all screens or programs have these edit features. Screen OCR SDK captures text from windows that do not support copy/paste functions! It works with most windows controls available on your computer: buttons, combo boxes, edit fields, status bars, tree views, Internet Explorer windows, and so on. It can capture all items from folder trees, file lists, status lines, text content of messages, and dialog boxes, including both visible and invisible items.

It fully supports DOS Console windows (Lucida Console or any other custom font), so you can feed a new program with text data from legacy systems, such as Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and teller terminal windows. Use it to capture window contents from any existing/legacy application that has no communication interface and is impossible, prohibited, or expensive to change.

KEYWORDS: screen ocr, recognize text, text recognizer, optical character recognition, desktop ocr

If you have any question for the Screen OCR SDK product, please feel free contact us by VeryPDF Ticket System,

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TIFF Splitter and Merger | Combine TIF Images | Split and Merge TIFF Files | TIFF Join

TIFF Toolkit does split and merge TIF files. TIFF Toolkit is a useful application tool which can compress TIFF image files to small size ones, merge many TIFF image files to one combined TIFF image file or split one TIFF image with many pages to single ones. With TIFF Toolkit, the users can preview each TIFF image file added into the application which also allows users to zooming in or out the image. TIFF Toolkit also supports to preview the best fit size of image after zooming in or out.

VeryPDF TIFF Toolkit, TIFF Splitter and Merger, Combine TIF Images, Split and Merge TIFF Files, TIFF Join,

TIFF Split Merge is the Fast and Easy tool to split and merge TIFF images. It is the windows application that can be used to split and combine your TIFF images. It allows you to split large TIF files into smaller TIF files and merge one or more TIF files. The split functionality lets you split one or more TIF files based on page groups and page ranges. The merge functionality lets you quickly combine a collection of TIF files.

VeryPDF TIFF Merge and Split is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you merge single or multi-page TIFF files into one single multi-page TIFF file or split multipage TIFF files into many single page TIFF files with efficiency and reliability.

Features of VeryPDF TIFF Toolkit:

  • Convert scanned PDF to editable Word or RTF documents in batches.
  • Split multipage TIFF to single page TIFF in batches.
  • Compress TIFF files with LZW, ZIP, PackBits, G3, G4 compression methods in batches.
  • Show the page number of a multipage TIFF file.
  • Able to rename output TIFF image files automatically.
  • View TIFF thumbnails by a preview window.
  • Able to rotate the thumbnails when previewing them.
  • Right click to get the detailed information of TIFF.
  • Contain some TIFF command line utilities. These command line applications can be called from a script or web application to process TIFF files in batches.
  • Split a TIFF image into single pages or sets of pages.
  • Automates the process of splitting.
  • Split TIFF images by page numbers or custom page ranges.
  • Merging one or more TIFF files.
  • Automates the process of merging multiple TIFF files.
  • Merge, combine, join, append, concatenate TIF Images.
  • Rearrange pages in a TIFF image.
  • Drag and Drop support of files.
  • Save and load batch list.
  • Extremely fast.

KEYWORDS: compress tiff, merge tiff, split tiff, split tif, merge tif, combine tif, join tif, append tif, concatenate tif

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Flash to Animated GIF Converter converts Flash to GIF Animation, SWF to GIF Animation

Flash to Animated GIF Converter converts Flash to GIF Animation, SWF to GIF Animation. Flash to Animated GIF Converter is a useful tool for converting swf video to gif animation, flash to animated gif. If there is no Flash Player installed in your computer, this software will be your best choice. By this application, you can also adjust the size of the converted gif file and customize frame rate, capture interval and gif replay times of gif animation.

VeryPDF Flash to Animated GIF Converter,

Flash to Image Converter Command Line,

Flash to Image Converter


VeryPDF Flash to Animated GIF Converter is made for converting SWF to animated gif which can customize the following parameters: width, height, frame rate and gif replay times. It can convert the Flash to GIF animation in batches fast and accurately.

Couples of days ago, my friend Amy asked me how to convert an SWF Flash file containing the animation to a gif file, because she would like to use the image for her blog navigation menu. What disappointed her greatly was that when exporting the SWF to GIF, the image turned out to be muzzy.

As is well known, SWF is being widely used on video sharing websites or providing interactive service. GIF, as an image file format, is smaller than SWF Flash file and it's browser-compatible, capable of supporting animation without taking up too much space. That's why many people like my friend Amy would like to make full use of the GIF file. Catering to the demand, SWF to GIF Converter for Mac & Windows was born. It can not only convert SWF to GIF without image quality distortion, but also allows you to extract image from SWF and save as other formats such as JPG, BMP and PNG.

Features of VeryPDF Flash to Animated GIF Converter:

  • Convert SWF flash video to GIF.
  • Able to preview SWF before conversion.
  • Option to keep original size after conversion.
  • Option to customize the size of converted GIF frames.
  • Option to set GIF frame rate.
  • Set the capture (sample) interval.
  • Option to set the GIF replay times.
  • It allows converting SWF videos to common images formats on PC.
  • It can help import SWF files to Windows apps.
  • Easily put converted SWF files into portable devices like iPad 2, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S4, HTC One etc..
  • Capture your favorite video pictures and save them as jpeg files.
  • Super-fast conversion speed with high quality.
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use.
  • Convert SWF to animated GIF.
  • Convert SWF to BMP/PNG/GIF/JPEG images serials.
  • Set loop times of GIF.

KEYWORDS: flash to gif animation, flash to animated gif, swf to gif animation, swf to animated gif, animated gif, gif animation

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