How to convert a EMF SPL file to PDF file? why I got "Invalid spooler file" message in my system?

When I am trying to convert spl file directly through command line then its working but when I am trying to convert through application(At client side) it's not working and showing "Invalid spooler file". Please find attached spool file for your reference.

Thanks for your sample SPL file, I tried to convert your SPL file to PDF file just now, everything is fine.

SPL to PDF Converter Command Line can be downloaded from following web page,

after download it, I tried following command line in my system, I could get a PDF file without any problem, please look at the converted PDF file in the attachment,

spl2pdf.exe D:\downloads\00494.SPL D:\downloads\00494.pdf
Thank you for choosing 'VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter Command Line' product.
"D:\downloads\00494.SPL" ==> "D:\downloads\00494.pdf"
[Message] #1 Page: 1, FilePos: 100
[Message] Found 1 pages...
[Message] Extracting page 1 of 1...
[SPL Document Name is]: Crystal Reports - GST POS Invoice.rpt
SPL: dmCopies is: 1
SPL: dmCollate is: 0
SPL: dmDuplex is: 0
[OK] Create "D:\downloads\00494.pdf" file(s) successful.

Please also look at the screenshot for the converted PDF file at below,



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How can I convert from PRN files to PDF files?

Hi Support,

My application generates a PRN file. I want to convert this and drop the PDF file in a specific folder.

Which product does this for me?


Thanks for your message, you can use VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter Command Line or SDK to convert from PRN files to PDF files, you may download VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter Command Line or SDK from this web page to try,

If you can't convert your PRN file to PDF file by SPL to PDF Converter Command Line or SDK, please feel free send to us your sample PRN file for test purpose, after we analyze your PRN file, we will figure out a solution to you asap.




VeryPDF provides reliable, easy to integrate, PCL to PDF or PCL to TIFF conversion tools for Enterprise IT Departments, Business Service Providers and Software Developers. VeryPDF has a long history of quality PCL emulation. Many corporate enterprises use VeryPDF (directly or indirectly) in the banking, insurance, healthcare and many other industries throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. The ability of VeryPDF to turn corporate print data directly into electronic document files such as PDF or TIFF, enables corporate applications to process less paper (toward a paperless office) and to improve the easy of communication (email / fax) and document efficiency within the enterprise (document management / archive).

Common VeryPDF Uses

  • Convert PCL print data to 200, 300, 400 or 600 dpi PDF, TIFF or many other document image file formats.
  • Convert PCL print data to PDF files with searchable/selectable text included - extracted from the PCL data.
  • Convert PCL print data for faxing, emailing, document delivery applications or web publishing.
  • Capture PCL data from legacy applications and automatically convert to PDF on a server.
  • Extracting Text from PCL data for indexing, workflow routing or archiving electronic document images.
  • Break up PCL data into separate PCL pages for workflow processing. Or build up a document from PCL parts.
  • Merge PCL print data with form overlays. Print forms to VeryPDF to generate overlays for use with content data.
  • VeryPDF can emulate a network printer in a LAN/WAN environment to capture remote client print data to PDF files.

If you are looking for a software to capture the printer data and save to PDF files or TIFF files or JPG or PNG image files, please refer to following web pages,

Capture data from printer port and save to file (Excel/PDF) with VeryPDF Document Capture

HookPrinter SDK

How to intercept and capture a print job and convert it to PDF & Plain Text & Image files and then print?

Intercepting the printing data and extract the special data (name and number)

How to intercept and capture a print job and convert it to PDF & Plain Text & Image files and then print?

How to intercept a print job, convert it to PDF file or plain text file or image file and then forward the print job to another printer?

We often received some questions from some customers, such as,

How convert PCL generated by HP LaserJet 5 into PDF in C#?
I need to retire 15 years old system and preserve all data. It can only print documents into specific printer HP LaserJet 5. I can print documents into PCL files and looking for ways to convert all this files into PDFs programmatically. Preferably in C#. Can anybody recommend good library or command line tool? Preferably free 😉

How to print PCL file output to PDF file instead of printer?
We have files generated that are PCL and (after much tweaking of settings) can print them to physical printers, but we need to print to PDF files. Have installed VeryPDF Virtual PDF Printer (PDFcamp Printer), which will print a web page or document nicely as a PDF... but sending the PCL file it prints the PCL commands as literal text. Have changed/forced queue to raw, and searched the entire internets to no avail, and still cannot get the PCL file to print to a PDF-format file. We have a vended solution on an older machine, but with Linux being open-sourced and fancy-new... how do you take a PCL file output from an application and send it straight as a PDF file??? Thanks for any help/guidance.

For these questions, the simple answer is "VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter Command Line", you can use "VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter Command Line" to convert from SPL, PRN, PCL, PXL, PS, XPS, PDF etc. spool formats to PDF files easily, just download it and enjoy it!

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Why PDF to DWG Converter software failed to convert my scanned PDF file to vector DWG file?

We are study if we can use your tool to convert pdf to dwg. But after we try your "free demo", we saw "nothing" in dwg. could you please teach/clarify what maybe cause this problem? or may we send our pdf file for you study.


Maybe your PDF file contains pictures only, it hasn't any vector graphics and it was created from scanner, if so, you may use our "Raster to Vector Converter GUI" or "Raster to Vector Converter Command Line" to convert from this PDF file to DWG file, you may download the trial version of "Raster to Vector Converter GUI" or "Raster to Vector Converter Command Line" from this web page to try,

"Raster to Vector Converter GUI" and "Raster to Vector Converter Command Line" products are support Windows system only, if you are using Mac, Linux, iOS and Android systems, you may use "VeryPDF Cloud Raster to Vector Converter" to convert your scanned PDF file to vector DWG file, you may try it from this web page,


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[VeryPDF Release Notes] VeryPDF Released an Online PDF Editor to allow you to edit, comment and annotate PDF files in web browser directly

VeryPDF released an Online PDF Editor Web Application today. Online PDF Editor is a Web application which can be used to Edit & Sign PDF files online. You can use it to fill PDF forms, annotate PDF, add text, links, images and shapes to PDF pages. You can also use it to rotate PDF pages, clone PDF pages, remove PDF pages, move and reorder PDF pages and more powerful function.

Online PDF Editor can be tested from this web page,

You can upload a PDF file from your local system or enter a URL for an online PDF file, and then click "Upload and Edit PDF" button,


Your PDF file will be opened in an Online PDF Editor Web application, just like following screenshot, on the left pane, it's the PDF Page Master, you can rotate, crop, clone, delete and reorder PDF pages, on the right pane, it's the main PDF Editor Window, it allows you to add lines, add various kinds of shapes, you can also adjust the stroke color, fill color and opacity for these vector shapes, it's a powerful vector graphics editor.


After you finish the editing, you can click "Save to PDF" button in the left pane, you will able to save to a new PDF file automatically.

All works are finished in web browser completely, you need install nothing to your local system, so you can do all of these works in Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. system.

The simplified interface makes it very easy for anyone to edit documents. Upload your document and add content with a simple click.

The online PDF editor is made to work on all Windows, Linux and Mac devices. No installation or registration necessary. It also works in all the popular browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE & Safari.

The tool operates 100% in the cloud on our secure servers. This way the editor is accessible everywhere. It also means no resources will be taken from your computer.

This online PDF editor allows you to directly edit a PDF document. Add text or images or draw boxes, circles and arrows on your PDF page. You can also highlight passages or add a watermark to the PDF.

Why Use A PDF Editor?
You want to write notes onto your PDF? Circle an especially important part? Highlight essential text passages? Then you have to print it out...

Not anymore! Using VeryPDF Online PDF Editor you can not only draw onto a PDF to your heart's content, but also add images and watermarks.

Work with powerful editing tools.
With full-page editing, when you add new text to a page, existing paragraphs will adjust automatically. And when you add new lines to bulleted lists, the formatting is added, too.

Privacy Guaranteed
We guarantee the privacy of your files as we don't backup, view or share them. All the uploaded files will be deleted permanently and instantly once you've finished using the provided tools.

VeryPDF Online PDF Editor is good enough to edit a PDF file online, however, if you are looking for an offline PDF Editor, you may just download and try our desktop version of PDF Editor software,

If you encounter any problem with our products, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.

School See Also,

Online PDF to Word Editor,

Online PDF Annotator,

Online Powerful File Converter,

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VeryPDF Released Online PDF Page Master today

VeryPDF released Online PDF Page Master today, VeryPDF PDF Page Master is a simple, lightning-fast web app utility that lets you modify and organize your PDF document Pages. Includes:

1. Page Editing:  including cutting/pasting, cloning, deleting, inserting blank pages, rotating, resize; Batch deleting, inserting blank pages, rotating PDF page.
2. Page Arranging: including changing page order, reversing, assembling, etc..
3. Page merging and extracting: including combining PDF page, extracting PDF page etc..


You can test Online PDF Page Master from this web page,


You can rotate PDF pages, crop PDF pages, clone/copy/paste PDF pages, move/reorder PDF pages, delete/remove PDF pages from this web page,


You can crop the PDF pages from this web page,


VeryPDF Online PDF Page Master is a powerful PDF page manager, you can use it to manage PDF pages in your PDF file, include,

  • Insert and delete PDF pages
  • Clone PDF pages
  • Extract and replace PDF pages
  • Rotate PDF pages
  • Reorder, move or rearrange PDF pages
  • Assemble PDF pages
  • Resize pages
  • Extract pages as a new file
  • Merge Pages from another PDF file

btw, some functions are only available for registered users, in the meantime, you can upload a PDF file and test it easily, if you encounter any problem with it, please feel free to let us know.

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