How to use Batch PDF Editor Tool to change the PDF Viewing Options and without change the Document Summaries?

I run the BATCH PDF EDITOR TOOL to change the Viewing option only for all 25 PDF's.
When the batch process completes, all the PDF's share the same viewing options as intended. However, now they all share the same Description details. I made sure description details were not "check marked", so I would assume it would ignore that part during the batch process.

Is there a way to not have the description details modified during a batch process?

I purchased the VeryPDF PDF Editor.


VeryPDF PDF Editor Home Page,

Please by following steps to try again,

1. Please set batch processing options first,

2. Open following file in notepad,


Set "Enable=0" under "[Info]" section,


Save it.


3. Set "ReadOnly" attribute to this file,


4. OK, you can click "Start" button in BATCH PDF EDITOR TOOL to change the Viewing option only for all 25 PDFs and without change Description details now.



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How to redirect print jobs from one printer to another printer?

I need the ability to redirect print jobs. When I run

"D:\Program Files (x86)\docPrint Pro v6.0\artprint.exe" -forward-options

from the guide,

The window opens and closes and does not work. Please help.

We have created an evaluation version of docPrint Printer Hooker to you, you may download it from following URL,


Please by following steps to test "-hookprinter" option,

1. Download and install docPrint Pro v7.0 version,

2. Run following application to set Printer Hooker options,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\docPrint Pro v7.0\artprint.exe" -hookprinter

You need set "Output folder" to save captured documents.
You need click "Install HookPrinter" button to install Printer Hooker.
You need click "Save&Close" button to close this dialog, and print a document to an arbitrary Windows Printer, you will get captured documents appear in predefined folder automatically.

3. OK.

"-hookprinter" option will capture everything that you sent to any Windows Printer. If you want just print a document to docPrint first, and then forward to other printers, you can use "-forward-options" option, for example,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\docPrint Pro v7.0\artprint.exe" -forward-options

After you set the options, click "Save&Close" button to close this dialog, when an user print a document to docPrint, docPrint will redirect the print job to predefined printer properly.

"-hookprinter" can be used to hook all Windows Printers, you can print to any one of Windows Printers, docPrint HookPrinter will capture the spool documents and save to output formats automatically.

"-forward-options" will work only when you print to docPrint Printer first, if you print a document to other printers, the options which you set by "-forward-options" will not work.

"-hookprinter" and "-forward-options" are two different printer capture and forwarding methods, you can choose either one according to your requirements.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any question for above solutions.


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VeryPDF HTML to PDF API is a simple Cloud REST API that makes it easy to convert HTML, CSS and JavaScript to PDF, XLS and Excel files. The Best PDF Invoice Creator

We offer a professional API for webpage or HTML to PDF conversion. It lets you create high-quality PDF documents quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Use it to create high-quality invoices, reports, tickets, e-books, brochures and much more!

VeryPDF Cloud API Platform,



  • Supports full HTML with JavaScript, including HTML5 and CSS2.
  • Has many options for PDF layout, headers and footers and much more!
  • Applies watermarks, stamps and/or (full) page backgrounds.
  • Can encrypt and protect your PDF documents.
  • Can convert web pages in your secure members area.
  • Can convert or exclude parts of a webpage
  • Ready to use code examples for .NET / C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python and!
  • No installation required, but we do have a .NET component and a PHP library available!

Some of the use cases for our API are:

  • You want to generate PDF forms like proposals / invoices / timesheets etc.
  • You want to generate PDFs from data in a database and you know how to create regular web pages from the database.
  • You want to generate reports as PDF
  • You want to not only display a PDF, but also save it as a local file and then choose what you want to do with it.
  • You want to create PDFs from different sources and merge them into one bigger PDF.
  • You want to create professional PDFs and use your own stationary as background.

Basic Usage

The VeryPDF HTML to PDF API is easy to use. It takes a license and either a URL or raw HTML as input and returns the PDF. You just send a request similar to this, which converts to PDF:

VeryPDF HTML to PDF API is now support five methods to convert a HTML file to PDF file, the APP Names are: html2pdf, html2pdf2, html2pdf3, html2pdf4, html2pdf5. These methods are using different technologies to render a HTML page to PDF file, you can test them and choose a best one for use.

Note: You can use both GET as well as POST requests as long as you properly URL encode the data that you pass.

VeryPDF HTML to PDF API is a simple API that makes it easy to convert HTML, CSS and JavaScript to PDF, XLS and Excel files. It is the best API for creating PDF and XLS files. You just send HTML, JS, and CSS, and you get back beautiful, high quality documents at scale.

  • Uptime guaranteed.
  • Unlimited document size.
  • Expert support, including document debugging.
  • High Quality PDF Conversion. PDF rendering is tricky, but VeryPDF HTML to PDF API makes it easy. HTML in, PDF out.
  • Built with Web Standards. Whatever works in the browser works in VeryPDF HTML to PDF API: HTML, CSS, XML, SVG, JavaScript.
  • Custom Fonts & Typography. VeryPDF HTML to PDF API handles any custom font as long as it's available via the web. You can even do advanced typography tricks like Kerning, Ligatures, Small Caps.
  • Advanced Layout. Anything you can do with html and css, you can do with VeryPDF HTML to PDF API:
    • Headers and footers
    • Page numbers
    • Tables, lists, columns, floats
    • Footnotes, cross-references

VeryPDF HTML to PDF API is easy with any programming language! Our easy-to-read documentation includes sample code in C#, Curl, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET, Node, PHP, Python, Rails, and Ruby. Wrappers and libraries are available for many languages.

KEYWORDS: html to pdf, php html to pdf, prince xml, html to excel, html to xls, xml to pdf, html 2 pdf

School See Also:

VeryPDF Cloud API Platform,

How to convert HTML invoice to PDF file using VeryPDF Cloud API? Populate HTML template with data from database and save to PDF file, Database Invoice to PDF Converter.

VeryPDF Cloud API Platform :: Web Page to PDF & Image Converter Cloud API :: Convert Web Page to PDF and Image files, Website Screenshot, Web Page snapshot, Capture full Web Page screenshots.

How to convert HTML invoice to PDF file using HTML to PDF Converter Cloud API?

How to specify font using HTML to PDF Converter Cloud API?

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VeryPDF Royalty Free OCR SDK Technology. Royalty-Free OCR SDK & Searchable PDF Toolkit for VeryPDF OCR SDK

Looking for a strong OCR SDK? VeryPDF OCR SDK is a 100% royalty-free Optical Character Recognition engine to develop applications requiring OCR technology. Developers can add robust, fast & multi-threaded OCR support in managed and non managed applications with few lines of code.

VeryPDF provides fast and highly accurate Optical Character Recognition SDK technology for .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, Android, iOS, OS X, Java and web. Leverage VeryPDF's high-level OCR toolkit to rapidly develop robust, scalable and high-performance recognition and document processing applications that extract text from scanned documents and convert images to text-searchable formats such as PDF, PDF/A, DOC, DOCX, Text, XML and XPS.

Relevant Software:

PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line,

VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter Command Line,

Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line,

The advanced OCR SDK technology in VeryPDF is multi-faceted and can be used as a standalone feature as well as the driving force behind more advanced technologies such as forms recognition, check recognition and document conversion. On its own, programmers can write as few as three lines of code to convert an image to text-searchable documents.

With VeryPDF's extensive support for more than forty character sets, programmers can expand their customer base by providing the same solution for many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

Overview of VeryPDF OCR SDK Technology

  • Fast, accurate and reliable optical character recognition for use in any application and environment
  • Recognize text from more than 40 languages and character sets, including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic*
  • Spell checking dictionary support
  • Automatically detect, segment and recognize multiple languages on the same document
  • Full-page analysis and Zonal recognition
  • Automatic document cleanup
    • Omni-directional noise removal
    • Dot matrix correction
    • Option to remove lines from tables
  • Automatic document preprocessing
    • Deskew of scanned document
    • Detect and correct the orientation of the document (flipped or reversed) with multi or single-page modes
    • Remove borders
    • Split pages
  • Unique color and bitonal image recognition for scanned documents and pictures can detect text regardless of foreground/background colors
  • Output searchable text document formats such as PDF, PDF/A, DOC, DOCX, XML, XPS and more, maintaining the original look and feel
    • Text with detected font characteristics (font-family name, style, size, bold, italic, underline, strikeout, slope angle, etc.)
    • Location
    • Tables reconstruction
    • Layout
    • Graphics
  • Fully configurable recognition engine
  • Comprehensive results reporting
    • Character location, size and baseline
    • Character attributes (end of word, end of line, end of paragraph, etc.)
    • Font properties (monospace, proportional, serf, sans-serif, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough)
    • Confidence values
    • Obtain the recognized words directly for a zone or page without saving to an external document
  • Build High Performance 32-bit or 64-bit OCR applications
  • PDF/A generation from TIFFs and PDFs
  • Samples in C# and VB.NET
  • Create compressed searchable PDF, DOCX, WORDML, RTF, CSV, XLSX, EXCELML, TXT, HTML, EPUB and XPS files
  • Programmatically access OCR results
  • Support for over 100 languages
  • Royalty Free Distribution OCR SDK

If you have any question for VeryPDF Royalty Free OCR SDK Technology, please feel free to let us know,

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VeryPDF Document Converter SDK Technology

VeryPDF Document Converter SDK Feature Description

With VeryPDF Document Converter SDK Technology, developers can create powerful, automated document conversion, archival, and delivery systems using .NET (C# & VB) and Java for Windows, Android, and Linux. Under the hood, the Document Converter SDK automatically uses a combination of the VeryPDF Raster, SVG, OCR, and Document Writers technologies to convert images and documents using the best possible combination of accuracy and speed.


The Document Converter SDK can be used to convert raster and document formats alike, making it ideal for any Enterprise Content Management (ECM), document archival, and document normalization solution.

Overview of VeryPDF Document Converter SDK Technology

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions for VeryPDF Document Converter SDK,

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