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PDF to Word/Text/EPUB/Image/HTML/SWF Converter

VeryPDF PDF Converter Professional is a comprehensive PDF conversion application to help convert PDF to other formats for daily usage. It is a combination of PDF to Word, Text, EPUB, Image, HTML and SWF Converter.

  • Convert PDF to Word/Text/EPUB/Image/HTML/SWF + PDF2PDF
  • Convert scanned PDFs to editable documents with advanced OCR
  • Merge and Split PDF documents with PDF2PDF conversion
  • Accurate conversion & great quality preservation

More PDF Converter functions:

  • PDF to Word. Convert all kinds of PDF files to Microsoft Office 2007 Word document for further reading and editing easily and freely.
  • PDF to EPUB. To view PDF documents with portable eBook reader in a more comfortable way, converting PDF to EPUB eBook format is the wise choice.
  • PDF to Image + HTML + SWF. A PDF can be turned to many perfect output files. So that you can view PDF document in picture format or browsing it like a webpage or even watching the file like a flash video.
  • PDF to PDF. Make you own style PDF file by changing its layout (A3, A4, A5) and page size (1IN1, 2IN1, 4IN1). Keep all your PDF documents in security by adding password to open, edit, copy and print action.


The built-in OCR technology (What is OCR?) enables you to easily convert and edit scanned PDF documents with VeryPDF PDF Converter Professional. You can extract texts and images from image-based PDF and convert it to editable and selectable Microsoft Office Word files.

  • Detect scanned PDFs automatically. Detect scanned PDF files automatically when adding PDF files. A prompt dialogue box pops up providing the options to enable OCR technology.
  • Two Recognition Modes Available. If you want to save more time, you can choose efficiency-priority recognition mode; if you want to get a more accurate output file, you can switch to quality-priority recognition mode.

Merge and Split PDF Documents

  • Specify any page to convert.  Not all pages of PDF file need to be converted. It happens that you only need to convert a certain part of your PDF document to the format you want. What you need to do is to input the number(s) of the exact page or page range of the PDF file and apply enter to confirm.
  • Split PDF documents. The comprehensive PDF converter can also be used as a PDF splitter. It offers a great convenience for people who have to split a large PDF document. Choose PDF as the output format, input the page number or page range you need to preserve in the output file and then generate a new PDF file. The PDF is split in simple three steps!

Advanced Settings to Output File

Convert all content from original PDF files. With this professional PDF Converter, you can convert all content from PDF to EPUB eBooks just the same with the original, convert PDF to sheets of images with all original content included when converting PDF to JPG image, and so on.

Extract specific content from PDF files. It is possible to extract only images of the original files when converting PDF to JPG, make new content without images, hyperlinks when converting PDF to EPUB e Books, and choose to ignore images, hyperlinks, etc. to get your own HTML.

More Functions of PDF Converter Professional

PDF Secure & Protect. Set passwords and permissions to your PDF files to restrict who can view, edit, copy your PDFs. No adware or spyware.

Resize output & Rearrange & Resize. Page arrangements can rearrange files in desired order and change page size which will save papers when printing.

Personalization. With this user-friendly tool, you can find any option you want to use easily to personalize any PDF file as you desire. It also allows batch conversion.

You can download and evaluate these products from following web pages, please feel free to let us know if you encounter any problem with these products,

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How to stamp image to PDF pages with absolute position?

Dear Support Team,

I have a question about how to replace stamp and signature as an image stamp to the right place. Is there any method of measuring and identifying width scale/ height scale and translate x / Y?

I would appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Thanks for your message, we suggest you may use PDFStamp Command Line to instead of PDF Stamp GUI version to try again, you can download PDFStamp Command Line from following web page to try,

after you download it, you can place an image as stamp to accurate position easily, for example,

pdfstamp.exe -pdf test-invoice-134411_stamp.pdf -o _test_overlay_image_invoice.pdf
-AI Invoice_Template.png -transparentcolor#FFFFFF -mlr-5 -mtb-7 -imgw590

pdfstamp.exe -PDF pdftest.pdf -O "_testout1.pdf" -AI "stamper1.jpg" -mlr100 -mtb100
-imgw200 -imgh200 -opacity80 -transparentcolor#FFFFFF

pdfstamp.exe -PDF pdftest.pdf -O "_testout2.pdf" -AI "stamper2.jpg" -mlr100 -mtb100
-imgw100 -imgh100 -opacity80 -transparentcolor#FFFFFF

pdfstamp.exe -PDF pdftest.pdf -O "_testout3.pdf" -AI "barcode.png" -mlr100 -mtb100
-imgw200 -imgh200 -opacity100 -transparentcolor#FFFFFF

-mlr: the left position in PDF pages
-mtb: the top position in PDF pages
-imgw: the image width in PDF pages
-imgh: the image height in PDF pages


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DWG to PDF Converter is a DWG to PDF conversion tool, you can use it to convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, DWF to PDF file without AutoCAD.

VeryPDF DWG to PDF Converter is a DWG to PDF conversion tool, you can use it to convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, DWF to PDF file without AutoCAD.

- Stand-alone software - AutoCAD NOT required
- Batch converts DWG, DXF to PDF
- Supports all version of AutoCAD 2.5-2016
- PDF encryption and password protection
- Customizable watermark

VeryPDF DWG To PDF Converter allows you convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF and DWF to PDF directly without need of AutoCAD, it converts DWG, DXF and DWF files into PDF files quickly and easily.


VeryPDF DWG to PDF Converter Features:

  • Batch convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF and DWF to PDF.
  • Supports all versions of DWG , DXF and DWF formats (Supports R2.5-2016).
  • You may set the page size directly, or select the predefined page size to set the page size quickly.
  • Supports AutoCAD pen sets file (*.ctb).
  • Can adjust the size of output pages with its layout setting automatically.
  • Can export layer and raster image object to PDF.
  • Supports OLE entity(Such as: inline Word, Excel document objects in the DWG files).
  • Supports 3D objects Hidden line removal.
  • Supports to output user-defined watermark into PDF.
  • Can export the arc/circle objects to true arc/circle objects of PDF.
  • Supports pen width and destination colors settings, and can export/import these settings.
  • You may convert model space, all layouts, all paper space, or last active layout to PDF file.
  • Can export pure text format PDF file and compressed format PDF file.
  • Can adjust the generating order of DWG drawing files.
  • Creates bookmark automatically with layout name and file name, and also you can edit them.
  • You can set quality of PDF with DPI parameter.
  • Encrypt the outputted PDF files, supports PDF's security options.
  • Supports 'true colors', 'gray' and 'white/black' color mode.
  • Easy to use.
  • Batch Process. Multiple DWG/DXF/DWF files, even complete folder can be converted in one go, batch process is available here.
  • Retain the True Type Fonts to be searchable. It is simple to search text in output PDF. Remember to select “Retain TrueType Fonts” on step 4, the True Type Fonts will be searchable in PDF after conversion.
  • PDF encryption and password protection. You may set passwords to protect the output PDF, and permissions to restrict printing, copying and further modifications for the converted file.
  • Self-design Watermark. You can customize your own watermark-text, font, size, rotation, hyperlink, etc. It can be your company logo and anything you wish.

Relevant products in this article:

VeryPDF AutoCAD to PDF Converter GUI:

DWG to Vector Converter Command Line:

DWG to Image Converter Command Line:

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VeryPDF PDF to DXF Converter, Convert PDF to DXF, DWG, SVG in batch via user interface and command line

VeryPDF PDF to DXF Converter converts PDF files to editable DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) as well as SVG, CGM, HPGL files in batch. AutoCAD is not required.

Once you have a logo or any other data in PDF and want to input it into your current DXF project VeryPDF PDF to DXF Converter is a reliable solution. It will convert any PDF file to DXF or other formats in minutes. The interface of the program is very intuitive and the wizard will help you make all the settings.

VeryPDF PDF to DXF Converter converts in a batch mode. Select the folder with PDF files and it will convert them to DXF/SVG/CGM/HPGL including subdirectories. What's important VeryPDF PDF to DXF Converter will keep the folder structure.

VeryPDF PDF to DXF Converter can be handled both via user interface or command line. We do not charge any extra cost for this option.

To easily convert PDF to DXF download your free trial copy now. When you find it's worth keeping you buy the key and register your copy. Safe choice!

Make sure that your source files are proper searchable PDF documents, not not just scanned images. VeryPDF PDF to DXF Converter can not read images.

A full featured PDF to DXF converter that allows you to easy convert PDF to DXF and PDF to DWG without the need of AutoCAD. DXF compatible with any popular CAD systems, such as AutoCAD, IntellCad, etc. (High quality, high performance, full featured, and simple to use.)

VeryPDF PDF to DXF Converter Key Features:

  • Batch converts PDF to DXF or DWG quickly and accurately.
  • Outputs AutoCAD R13 - AutoCAD 2017 DXF/DWG files.
  • Works with and without AutoCAD/Acrobat.
  • Supports all versions of Adobe PDF file.
  • Retains colors in the DXF/DWG file.
  • Converts the whole PDF document, a range of pages or one page into separate
  • DXF/DWG files.
  • Handles single page and multiple page files with ease.
  • Generates and optimizes vector entities like lines, polylines, splines, hatches, circles and arcs.
  • Resizes the drawing by scale factor.
  • Intelligent TrueType texts and line width recognition.
  • Directly converts scanned PDF (Image PDF or raster PDF) without the need of raster to vector software.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use.

PDF to DXF Converter is a high-performance program, it converts PDF to high quality DXF format.


See Also:

PDF to DWG Converter Command Line,

VeryPDF PDF to DWG Converter GUI,

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Configuring DCOM for Remote Access

Configuring DCOM for Remote Access

  1. If the computer belongs to a workgroup instead of a domain, make sure that it does not use simple file sharing. Open Windows Explorer or double click My Computer, click Tools, then go to Folder Options, click View and uncheck Use simple file sharing (Recommended) in Advanced settings.
  2. Click Start, click Programs, click Administrative Tools, click Component Services.
  3. Expand Component Services, expand Computers, and right-click My Computer. Select Properties.
  4. Click Default Properties. Select Enable Distributed COM on this computer. Set the Default Authentication Level to Connect (None also works). Set the Default Impersonation Level to Identify (Impersonate also works).
  5. Click Default COM Security.
  6. Under Default Access Permissions click Edit Default. Add SYSTEM, INTERACTIVE, and NETWORK. The user whose authentication credentials will be used to access the COM application must also be included in this list. There are many ways to do this. You can add the specific user or simply add a group the user belongs to. Possible values include: 
    • Domain\Username (A specific user)
    • Domain\Administrators (All administrators on a specific domain)
    • Domain|Domain users
    • Everyone (All users)
    • Interactive
  7. Under Default Launch Permissions click Edit Default. Make sure the Default Launch Permissions have the same values as the Default Access Permissions.
  8. Click Default Protocols. Make sure Connection-oriented TCP/IP is listed first.
  9. You must now configure the COM application you wish to access. Expand Component Services, expand Computers, expand My Computer, and click DCOM Config. Right-click on the application you wish to configure. Select Properties. If your COM application is a DLL, you must first create a surrogate EXE for it using the SetDllHost tool. Once a surrogate EXE is created, the surrogate name will appear in the list of applications. Select Properties for the surrogate and continue on.
  10. Click General. Set the Authentication Level to Default.
  11. Click Location. Select Run application on this computer.
  12. Click Security. Set Launch Permissions to Use Default. Set Access Permissions to Use Default. Set Configuration Permissions to Use Default.
  13. Click Identity. Select The launching user. This setting specifies the account that will be used to run the COM application once it is launched by a client program. The launching user is the user account of the client process that launched the server, and is the recommended setting. Depending on the COM application you want to connect to, you may need to change this to:
    • The interactive user – The user that is currently logged on to the machine hosting the COM application (use this if you are going to access MS Excel and make it visible).
    • This user – Specify a user account that will always be used to run the COM application regardless of which user is accessing it.
    • For more information on “How To Configure Office Applications to Run Under the
      “Interactive User Account”, please see the References section at the bottom of this page
  14. Click Endpoints. Select default protocol
  15. If you still get an “Access denied” or “permission error” then restart the computer, and try again

See Also:

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