VeryPDF PDF Converter Master for Windows and Mac Systems

An easy and powerful application that converts PDF to Office and more to boost your productivity. This product is available for both Windows and Mac systems, iOS will available soon.

All-in-1 PDF Converter that converts PDF to Office and more accurately!
PDF is a real headache sometimes, especially when you want to make change or copy the content to the other document formats. Save yourself some time, let VeryPDF PDF Converter Master get the conversion job done. It can quickly convert PDF into 8 common document formats, including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), EPUB, RTF, image and plain text. VeryPDF PDF Converter Master is designed for saving your precious time.

Rich Choices of output formats
VeryPDF PDF Converter Master lets you view and convert PDF files into 9 common document formats. You can convert PDF to Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc) for easier editing, copying and any other revision, or extract data to Excel (.xlsx) or csv for better data analysis performance, or present the PDF in PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx). You can also convert PDF to flowable EPUB for better reading experiences. Besides, if you just want the plain text or image, .txt and .jpg is available. Actually it is an 9-in-1 PDF Converter!

Convert PDF to Word
Microsoft Word is one of the most familiar document formats. Knowledge workers and students have to deal with plenty of PDFs and Word docs every day. Switching between these two documents is a real hassle.

VeryPDF PDF Converter Master will convert PDF into Microsoft Word document (.docx), and our conversion will preserve the original font style, color, images, formatting and layouts of the PDF document, so you don’t need to spend hours tweaking the output documents.

Convert PDF to Excel
Accountants, bankers, engineers, consultants and anyone else dealing with data should definitely try VeryPDF PDF Converter Master. If you have ever received a data entry job, you'll know how tedious and time-consuming retyping data from PDF to Excel. VeryPDF PDF Converter Master can extract data from PDF quickly and output Excel (.xlsx, .csv). With the powerful table detection and flexible output options, it can deal with the most complex table data without problems. You can even manually mark table areas before conversion. PDF to Excel conversion focuses on data, you can make fewer mistakes and save more energy.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint
Have you notice that presenter loves converting the presentation into PDFs for distribution? With VeryPDF PDF Converter Master, you can recover the PowerPoint (.pptx) from PDF without efforts. PDF to PowerPoint Conversion will preserve the original layouts, content and graphics well. Reusing the presentation can not be easier.

More great features that enhance your productivity

User Friendly interface
Extremely easy to use, simply add PDF files, select output formats, click 'Convert' button, it will do the rest.

Convert complex table data effortlessly
Detect and analyze table data automatically or lets you manually mark tables. Especially useful for PDF to Excel conversion.

Extremely fast conversion
Fast document reconstruction, it takes only less than 1 min to convert a 100-page file.

Great compatibility
Support all versions of Microsoft Office, including Office 2003,2007,2010,2016.

Flexible output options
According to your needs, you can customize output options for different output formats.

Build-in PDF Reader
Quickly view PDF files within the app, built-in PDF reader renders PDF even faster than many PDF readers.

Convert protected PDF
Convert PDF file with copying and printing restrictions without problems. If PDF has open password, enter it before conversion.

Support large PDF conversion
Convert unlimited PDF files at one time, convert large PDF file with hundreds of pages without problem.

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (all editions)
Does not require Microsoft office and Adobe product installed
Recommended hardware Processor: 2GHz Processor RAM: 1G
Free Space: File Size: 6.8 MB, 100MB recommended

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Mobile Scanning Solutions. Scan to PDF on smartphones and tablets. Compress PDF files for fast web view and email.

VeryPDF does provide a a series of Mobile Scanning Solutions, such as,

  • Scan to PDF on smartphones and tablets
  • High-quality scanned documents
  • Highly compressed PDF files using JBIG2 and JPEG2000 (JPX) technologies
  • Rapid-scan app development tools
  • Make searchable PDF file on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile systems

The professional solution for scanning and converting documents on smartphones and tablets.


With our mobile scanning solution you can scan any desired document with your mobile phone. With our mobile scanning solution, we turn your mobile phone into an office tool that you can use to scan documents.

The current technology allows us to use smartphone cameras instead of fast document scanners. With our mobile scanning application, we can provide you services through your own applications or through a multi-scanning (up to 20 pages per minute) application customized for you.

Maximum document quality, less manual processing, streamlined document management within your business. Increase the range of services offered to your customers to include digital document submission. And all of this with a minimum of development work: Mobile Scanning Solutions!

Mobile scanning, processing and compression: three different options

Light bulb PDF Paper Scanner

PDF Paper Scanner is the complete app that turns your smartphone into a mobile scanner for use on the move. Top-quality images, compressed into high-quality PDF files and optionally fully text-searchable. The ideal solution for mailrooms, cloud solutions and emailing.

  • Automatic focusing and release
  • Automatic scaling and cropping
  • Ongoing quality control during capture
  • Automatically set brightness, contrast and color values
  • Output as long-term archivable PDF/A-2u files or a series of JPEGs
  • Machine-readable list of all scanned documents
  • Post-processing for PDF and JPEG files

Scan & Print - Document Scanner and Printer,

Paper Scanner - Scan, Print and Share Papers,

Light bulb Mobile Compression SDK

The Mobile Compression SDK Toolkit for app developers that lets you integrate the benefits of mobile compression into your own business applications. This SDK will allow your app own Document Scanner and PDF compression functions, this SDK has following features,

  • Award-winning PDF compression, including JBIG2, JPEG2000 and more
  • Interfaces for integration with OCR output
  • Create, open and save PDF files
  • Copy, move and rotate PDF files
  • Multi-threading implementation for ideal performance and user experience
  • Simpler interfaces than the standard PDF SDK, for shorter development times

The Mobile Compression SDK Toolkit for app developers aiming to integrate a Mobile Compression technology into their own apps.

Turn images into minimally-sized PDF files within the app while ensuring excellent image quality.

Mobile Compression SDK integrates easily into a range of environments including C++, iOS Objective-C and Android Java. Xamarin Bindings are available upon request.

A scanned full-color, single-page A4 PDF created with the Mobile Compression SDK will take up 40kB of storage space or less. A similar quality JPEG would easily take up ten times the space or more.

Light bulb App Framework SDK

Comprehensive package of toolkits for use individually or together. Just the solution for app developers looking to embed scanning functionality into their apps without worrying about features such as image processing, camera management and scanning quality. The app framework SDK guarantees the minimum possible development times.

The SDK is made up of the following components:

  • Mobile Compression SDK
  • Mobile Imaging SDK
  • Image Capturing SDK
  • Image Processing SDK
  • PDF Creation and Reading SDK
  • Document Management SDK
  • PDF Paper Scanner app source code, based on the App Framework SDK

School See Also:

VeryPDF PDF Scanner SDK for iOS. The best Scanner Framework for your iOS (iPhone and iPad) app,

Paper Scanner - Scan, Print and Share Papers,

Scan & Print - Document Scanner and Printer,

VeryPDF Scan to PDF,

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Enterprise Automation PDF Solutions, Enterprise-Scale PDF Solutions, PDF Server Software

Achieve consistency and quality by converting to standardized PDF and PDF/A using VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line. File Conversion into PDF or PDF/A for standardization and long-term archiving,


Save file space and ease file sharing with industry-leading image compression (JBIG2 and JPEG2000/JPX compression). Compress images and fonts in PDF files using VeryDOC PDF Compressor Command Line,

Modify PDF Content by automating the addition of watermarks, headers, footers, pages, etc. OCR scanned documents for search-ability. Overlay and watermark insertion that enables you to add identifiers like logos, "confidential" and more,

Scanned image file compression and OCR enabling you to make content searchable,

Safeguard Sensitive Data. Protect confidential information by securing PDFs with passwords and permissions, redaction of sensitive information, or Microsoft Rights Management integration.

Add digital signature to PDF files by VeryPDF PDF Security and Signature,

PDF Rendition Server. You can integrate PDF platform (VeryPDF Cloud API Platform) into your data center infrastructure. VeryPDF Cloud API Platform is an easy-to-use web service that can be integrated into your workflow applications,

Redaction of sensitive information for compliance and data protection,

PDF Compressor. Large-scale OCR, compression, and PDF conversion of a wide range of file formats. Converts scanned and digital documents into PDF and PDF/A for a single unifying file format. Integrated OCR technology allows full text searching for all scanned documents converted to PDF and PDF/A files. Extracted OCR data can be handed over to existing systems for further processing to assist with any number of business processes.

Use PDF Toolkit to automate high-volume PDF workflows or to integrate into your own applications. PDF Toolkit provides CLI and API interfaces. You can use it to protect PDF documents, to set document metadata information and compress file size, and to manipulate PDF files, add watermarks, organize pages, and insert headers and footers.

PDF WebForms. Online form distribution and data collection by converting fillable PDF forms into interactive web pages. Uploading your fillable PDF form will automatically convert it and make it available on the web. VeryPDF Web Forms are compatible with all browsers. Since the look and feel of the form is familiar, they will be able to fill it out quickly and easily. All form data is kept in a centralized location for you to quickly reference.

Mobile Scanning Solutions. The professional solution for scanning and converting documents on smartphones and tablets. PDF Scanner is the complete app that turns your smartphone into a mobile scanner for use on the move. Top-quality images, compressed into high-quality PDF files and optionally fully text-searchable. The toolkit for app developers that lets you integrate the benefits of mobile compression into your own business applications. The App Framework SDK provides a comprehensive package of tools to embed scanning functionality into apps without worrying about features such as image processing, camera management, and scanning quality.

Paper Scanner - Scan, Print and Share Papers,

Scan & Print - Document Scanner and Printer,

VeryPDF PDF Across the Enterprise
These Enterprise Automation products integrate seamlessly with our End User Productivity and Developer Solutions products, giving you a complete PDF solution across your enterprise.

If you have any question for these products, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to hear from you,

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PDF to Word: Convert PDF files to Word files on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you deal regularly with PDF files, and often use word processors such as Microsoft Word to edit your text documents, then an app called "VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter for iOS (iPhone and iPad)" from the App Store could easily become your new best friend.

"VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter for iOS (iPhone and iPad)" is the best PDF conversion app that allows you to convert PDF to Word and create PDF files from Office.


This app lets you easily convert PDF files to Word files (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, etc.), so that you can edit them in Microsoft Word for iOS or on Microsoft Word on your computer. In this tutorial, we'll go through the process of using the app and show you just how easy this process can be.


How to convert PDF files to Word files on iPhone?

PDF to Word is a great way to convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word files with ease; the process simply involves having a PDF file on hand, such as inside of your Dropbox account as we'll demonstrate in this tutorial, and opening the file in the PDF to Word app on your iOS device to start the conversion process.

You can follow these steps to begin converting your PDF files to Microsoft Word files:

1. Download and install "VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter for iOS (iPhone and iPad)" from App Store,


2. Add a PDF file into PDF to Word App, select it, and click "PDF to Word" button, you will able to convert from this PDF file to Word document easily,




3. After you get the Word file (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TEXT, etc. format), you can open the converted document in MS Office or OpenOffice to reuse the contents easily.

When you want to convert only PDF to Word, you can use this app. But it does not have any other PDF editing features. When you want to edit and convert PDF on computer, you can go with VeryPDF PDF Editor for Windows which can be downloaded from this web page,

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PDF Software Solutions

Do you have a PDF based workflow or want to start implementing one?

VeryPDF has the skills to help. We have been working with organizations in implementing PDF based workflows since Acrobat and PDF were first created. VeryPDF created the first PDF Exporter and PDF Printer in 1994 year.


These are the services that we can provide:

1. Advice on how best to fit PDF into your workflows. We do not normally charge for an initial consultancy or providing technical proposals.

2. Existing plug-in products for Acrobat or standalone software for PDF format.

3. Modification of our products to better fit your workflow.

4. Development of custom products and plugins for Windows, Mac and Server environments.

Please contact us today,

We are also experienced in working with other Adobe Applications such as InDesign, InDesign Server, Illustrator and Photoshop and have extensive experience of other technologies such as JavaScript, XML and SQL

VeryPDF has an great track-record of creating quality software solutions on behalf of its clients, many of whom are very prestigious international companies and corporations, so in using our services you're in a very good company. Clients of our customized software development service include Microsoft, Xerox, etc., we have even developed components for Adobe Systems Inc. themselves. A more detailed list of our clients can be found on our Clients page.

Where now?

Please contact us for an informal no-obligation discussion or fill in our enquiry form or send an email to our support team,

Whatever your software problem contact VeryPDF today to discuss the complete solution.

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