[VeryPDF Release Notes] VeryPDF Released a new version of PDF Form Filler SDK (with Barcode Form Filler feature) today

VeryPDF Released a new version of PDF Form Filler SDK today, the new version does support "fill barcodes into rotated form fields", just like the following screenshots,


The following screenshot is filled by rotated barcodes,


PDF Form Filler SDK (with Barcode Form Filler feature) can be downloaded from this web page,


PDF Form Filler SDK (with Barcode Form Filler feature) has following features,

  • Fast, accurate, and reliable barcode creation, writing in PDF for use in any .NET application or environment.
  • Support popular 2D barcodes types: QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417 and Aztec Code.
  • Support commonly used 1D barcodes symbologies: Code 128, Code 39, UPC-A, EAN-13, etc..
  • Supports color and bitonal (black and white) barcode images painted on PDF document.
  • Captions or comments can be added to the barcode programmatically by PDF graphics render.
  • Barcode encoded in PDF will compute check digits automatically.
  • Batch barcode generating in PDF pages with various of positions and rotations.
  • This SDK is completely written in C++, it can be called from C++, Delphi, C#, .NET, etc. program languages.
  • Compatible with .NET 4.0+. AnyCPU, x86 and x64 mode support.
  • Multi-threaded support for generating barcode into PDF page in high-performance, server-based applications
  • Easy to integrate .NET PDF Barcode components with various Visual Studio .NET developments.




You may download the free trial version of PDF Form Filler SDK (with Barcode Form Filler feature) from VeryPDF website to try, if you encounter any problem, please feel free to let us know, we will assist you asap,


School See Also:

Barcode Recognition SDK/COM,

Barcode Generator COM/SDK,

PDF Form Filler SDK (with Barcode Form Filler feature),

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[VeryPDF Release Notes] VeryPDF Released a new version of VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter for Windows today

VeryPDF Released a new version of VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter for Windows software today, the new version included more OCR languages, please look at the screenshot for the new version which show more supported OCR languages at below,


VeryPDF OCR to Any Converter for Windows software can be downloaded from this web page,


After you download and install it, please run it, open a scanned PDF file, you will able to utilize this OCR PDF tool to OCR the scanned PDF document and save to plain Text, DOCX, RTF, etc. document formats easily.


Light bulb Convert PDF and photo files to text, prepare the input files

These tips will give you the best results:

  • Format: You can convert .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, or PDF (multipage documents) files.
  • File size: The file should be 2 MB or less.
  • Resolution: Text should be at least 10 pixels high.
  • Orientation: Documents must be right-side up. If your image is facing the wrong way, rotate it before uploading it to Google Drive.
  • Languages: Google Drive will detect the language of the document.
  • Font and character set: For best results, use common fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Image quality: Sharp images with even lighting and clear contrasts work best.

VeryPDF is also provide Cross-Platform OCR SDK
Fast, accurate, and time-saving with great technical support!


Please contact VeryPDF Support Team for more information,


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I am looking for a service about "Convert HTML URL to image" and I found "VeryPDF Cloud API" on your website

Dear Support,

I am looking for a service about "Convert HTML URL to image" and I found
"VeryPDF Cloud API" on your website. But I have a few thing which I need
more explain at


1. Document Number Limits / Month
2. Number of Pages
3. With Evaluation Message (How about "With Evaluation Message" when I call
from API)
4. Online Storage
5. Conversion Speed
6. Job Priority
Please advise me anything.

Thanks and the best regards!
>>1. Document Number Limits / Month

This option is limit to maximum number of documents or URLs that you will able to process in one month.

>>2. Number of Pages

This option is limit to maximum number of pages in PDF file, however, the paid plan hasn't limit on the "Number of Pages" option.

>>3. With Evaluation Message (How about "With Evaluation Message" when I call from API)

This Evaluation Message will be removed in paid plans, please don't worry about this matter.

>>4. Online Storage

VeryPDF Server doesn't provide storage anymore, you need download the converted PDF file to yourself's server after conversion.

>>5. Conversion Speed
>>6. Job Priority

The paid plans haven't any limitation on "Conversion Speed" and "Job Priority", the conversion jobs are always fast and at high priority, please don't worry about these issues.


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How to add bates numbers to PDF file? How to Add PDF Bates Numbering into a PDF Document? Add headers, footers, and Bates numbering to PDFs


PDFstamp has worked in the past.

PDFstamp and its DLLs located in c:\jk\bat\PDFstamp

output file bates-numbers.pdf does not exists prior to run.

Following command line:

C:\jk\BAT\PDFStamp>pdfstamp -PDF "example.pdf" -o "bates-numbers.pdf" -AT "Bates Numbers \B(0000105)" -p5 -mlr-30 -mtb30 -fs10 -fn300 -c255 -REG "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

runs, but output file has no Bates stamps. Help!


The position for stamp that you specified is outside of page, you can remove "-mlr-30 -mtb30" option to try again, for example,

C:\jk\BAT\PDFStamp>pdfstamp -PDF "example.pdf" -o "bates-numbers.pdf" -AT "Bates Numbers \B(0000105)" -p5 -mlr-30 -mtb30 -fs10 -fn300 -c255 -REG "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

You will able to see the bates numbers in the generated PDF file.



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I want get the text contents and positions from a PDF file


I already have bought VeryPDF to Any Converter and I would like to evaluate pdf-extract-tool. I am interested in the text position functionality. I have downloaded it but can't get it to work.

Can someone help out.

Thanks for your message, you can download and purchase "PDF Extract Tool Command Line" from this web page,


after you download it, you can run following command lines to extract text and position from PDF file and save to a text file,

pdfextract.exe -outfolder D:\out\ D:\in.pdf
pdfextract.exe -textpos D:\in.pdf D:\out.txt
pdfextract.exe -textpos -nopgbrk D:\in.pdf D:\out.txt
pdfextract.exe -$ "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -textpos test-form.pdf _test-form-pos.txt

the converted text file contains following information, you can write a script to parse the position for each word easily,

Page #1] *** initial words ***

word: x=242.30..293.90 y=49.94..61.93 base=59.50 fontSize=13.94 'Request'
word: x=298.62..315.08 y=49.94..61.93 base=59.50 fontSize=13.94 'for'
word: x=319.80..376.42 y=49.94..61.93 base=59.50 fontSize=13.94 'Taxpayer'
word: x=491.92..510.83 y=52.40..60.43 base=58.80 fontSize=8.96 'Give'
word: x=513.89..533.95 y=52.40..60.43 base=58.80 fontSize=8.96 'form'
word: x=537.01..545.64 y=52.40..60.43 base=58.80 fontSize=8.96 'to'
word: x=548.70..562.31 y=52.40..60.43 base=58.80 fontSize=8.96 'the'
word: x=46.85..63.02 y=55.78..62.13 base=60.75 fontSize=6.97 'Form'
word: x=70.22..108.70 y=42.83..65.27 base=60.75 fontSize=23.90 'W-9'
word: x=46.85..62.60 y=64.54..70.90 base=69.52 fontSize=6.97 '(Rev.'
word: x=64.95..97.37 y=64.54..70.90 base=69.52 fontSize=6.97 'November'
word: x=99.72..117.04 y=64.54..70.90 base=69.52 fontSize=6.97 '2005)'
word: x=491.92..535.55 y=62.36..70.39 base=68.76 fontSize=8.96 'requester.'
word: x=538.62..550.74 y=62.36..70.39 base=68.76 fontSize=8.96 'Do'
word: x=553.81..567.75 y=62.36..70.39 base=68.76 fontSize=8.96 'not'
word: x=187.09..269.66 y=64.87..76.86 base=74.44 fontSize=13.94 'Identification'
word: x=274.38..322.35 y=64.87..76.86 base=74.44 fontSize=13.94 'Number'
word: x=327.07..349.66 y=64.87..76.86 base=74.44 fontSize=13.94 'and'
word: x=354.38..431.65 y=64.87..76.86 base=74.44 fontSize=13.94 'Certification'
word: x=46.85..78.43 y=75.31..80.76 base=79.58 fontSize=5.98 'Department'
word: x=80.48..85.68 y=75.31..80.76 base=79.58 fontSize=5.98 'of'
word: x=87.74..96.15 y=75.31..80.76 base=79.58 fontSize=5.98 'the'
word: x=98.21..121.35 y=75.31..80.76 base=79.58 fontSize=5.98 'Treasury'
word: x=491.92..512.66 y=72.32..80.35 base=78.72 fontSize=8.96 'send'
word: x=515.72..524.35 y=72.32..80.35 base=78.72 fontSize=8.96 'to'
word: x=527.41..541.02 y=72.32..80.35 base=78.72 fontSize=8.96 'the'
word: x=544.08..561.49 y=72.32..80.35 base=78.72 fontSize=8.96 'IRS.'
word: x=46.85..66.68 y=82.28..87.73 base=86.55 fontSize=5.98 'Internal'
word: x=68.81..92.18 y=82.28..87.73 base=86.55 fontSize=5.98 'Revenue'
word: x=94.31..114.13 y=82.28..87.73 base=86.55 fontSize=5.98 'Service'
word: x=75.46..93.93 y=92.56..98.92 base=97.54 fontSize=6.97 'Name'
word: x=96.29..105.33 y=92.56..98.92 base=97.54 fontSize=6.97 '(as'
word: x=107.69..128.22 y=92.56..98.92 base=97.54 fontSize=6.97 'shown'
word: x=130.59..138.46 y=92.56..98.92 base=97.54 fontSize=6.97 'on'
word: x=140.83..154.52 y=92.56..98.92 base=97.54 fontSize=6.97 'your'
word: x=156.88..179.74 y=92.56..98.92 base=97.54 fontSize=6.97 'income'
word: x=182.11..191.66 y=92.56..98.92 base=97.54 fontSize=6.97 'tax'
word: x=194.02..214.17 y=92.56..98.92 base=97.54 fontSize=6.97 'return)'
word: x=75.46..103.74 y=116.57..122.93 base=121.55 fontSize=6.97 'Business'
word: x=106.15..125.41 y=116.57..122.93 base=121.55 fontSize=6.97 'name,'
word: x=127.82..131.43 y=116.57..122.93 base=121.55 fontSize=6.97 'if'
word: x=133.84..159.54 y=116.57..122.93 base=121.55 fontSize=6.97 'different'
word: x=161.95..176.28 y=116.57..122.93 base=121.55 fontSize=6.97 'from'
word: x=178.69..197.81 y=116.57..122.93 base=121.55 fontSize=6.97 'above'
word: x=168.85..200.85 y=143.08..149.44 base=148.06 fontSize=6.97 'Individual/'
word: x=391.93..396.91 y=146.08..152.55 base=150.81 fontSize=4.98 '?'
word: x=500.05..523.95 y=143.08..149.44 base=148.06 fontSize=6.97 'Exempt'
word: x=526.32..540.65 y=143.08..149.44 base=148.06 fontSize=6.97 'from'
word: x=543.02..566.28 y=143.08..149.44 base=148.06 fontSize=6.97 'backup'
word: x=248.05..285.14 y=147.33..153.68 base=152.30 fontSize=6.97 'Corporation'
word: x=312.85..348.68 y=147.20..153.55 base=152.17 fontSize=6.97 'Partnership'
word: x=370.45..387.95 y=147.33..153.68 base=152.30 fontSize=6.97 'Other'
word: x=75.46..95.48 y=151.05..157.41 base=156.03 fontSize=6.97 'Check'
word: x=97.84..133.87 y=151.05..157.41 base=156.03 fontSize=6.97 'appropriate'
word: x=136.23..149.91 y=151.05..157.41 base=156.03 fontSize=6.97 'box:'
word: x=168.85..182.67 y=151.05..157.41 base=156.03 fontSize=6.97 'Sole'
word: x=184.90..215.63 y=151.05..157.41 base=156.03 fontSize=6.97 'proprietor'



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