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Can I intercept the receipt docket that is being printed? Is it possible to Edit the print receipt before it gets printed?

Hi, I bumped into your software on google when I was try to research on Reading the print receipt. Can you please help me if you software can help me achieve the below? We are building a loyalty software where … Continue reading

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Print a document to a local printer and clone printed data to PDF, JPG, TIFF formats, monitor System Printers and record print logs to database

Hello, We are a DLP system developer and would like to have a functionality similar to "artprint.exe -hookprinter" in our DLP system. A typical scenario is the following, A user prints a document to a regular (local, network, third party … Continue reading

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Print documents to virtual printer first, virtual printer will create PDF files and then forward printed documents to physical printer

Now I can get the SPL file, and use spl2pdf_cmd to convert it to PDF file. BUT got another strange and critical problem: 1. For the PDF generated (FP00001_verrypdf.pdf) by spl2pdf_cmd, when I use vc++test.exe to OCR it as text … Continue reading

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Hook Windows printer, capture printed documents and save them to PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, JPG, Excel (XLS), etc. formats, Printer Capture, Intercept and Capture everything that you send to Windows Printer

Hi, As a new service to customers in my store I am trying to set up a process to automatically capture printed label and or receipt data to a database. I have noticed you have Hook printer and some other … Continue reading

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How to capture printer spooler file when printing and then view and/or print that spooler file again?

Hi, I'm trying to find out if this is possible, and if so how to do it. From a machine running XP or Vista, as I understand it, when you send something to print, Windows/the print drivers render the file … Continue reading

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