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How to encrypt a PDF file from C# or ASP.NET or VB.NET Web application?

Hi There, We currently use your encryptPDF dll for our windows based products and it works great. We would like to know if you have a similar product for web based applications. Specifically we need a 64 bit app that … Continue reading

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PDF Stamp SDK: What to install PDF Stamp SDK into our system?

Hi, My company, CA Technologies, recently purchased a license for PDF Stamp SDK which I had previously downloaded and tested in a classic .asp application on a test Win 2012/64 bit server running IIS 8.5/64 bit. Following the order we … Continue reading

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What's the difference between veryOpen and veryOpenEx functions in PDFStamp SDK product?

Hi, Continue to this article, http://www.verypdf.com/wordpress/201701/how-to-use-pdfstamp-com-interfaces-how-to-install-pdfstamp-sdk-into-my-system-43273.html Further to my email just a few minutes ago, I have it working now, so please ignore most of that email, my remaining questions are only: 1. I notice in the manual that the … Continue reading

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How to use PDFStamp COM Interfaces? How to install PDFStamp SDK into my system?

I am trying to install and use PDFstamp on a Win2012 R2 server for use on a 64 bit IIS webserver running classic asp. After downloading PDFstamp I saw several possible installation files and was not at all sure which … Continue reading

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How to stamp PDF files with the documents' title, author, copyright and page number(s) information?

Hello, I came across your product, PDF Stamp and wanted to see if you had some specific capabilities that I need. I produce a Yearly DVD Data base with several articles, which in turn are stamped with the documents’ title, … Continue reading

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