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Barcode Recognition SDK, Barcode Reader SDK $199.00


Barcode Recognition SDK

  • Royalty-Free 1D & 2D Barcode Reader for .NET, Java, etc.
  • Detects nearly 20 industrial 1D barcode types
  • Provides C/C++, ActiveX/COM, .NET/WPF, Objective-C for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS platforms
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VeryPDF Barcode Recognition SDK is a highly accurate and powerful developer library which recognizes 1-D and 2-D barcodes from digital images, bitmaps, PDF files and scanned documents. Using this SDK you can integrate barcode recognition functionality to your document processing systems, Windows applications, embedded systems (Windows CE, Pocket PC, Smartphone), Android, iOS and Web services. The following image formats are supported: PNG, BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG and multipage TIF and PDF (Portable Document Format). The unique and fast barcode recognition algorithm searches for barcodes in any position and orientation from your images.

The royalty free VeryPDF Barcode Recognition SDK allows you to read barcode symbols from C, C++, C#, VB6, VB.NET, Java, Delphi, PHP and other programming languages which support dynamic library loading, COM or .NET. By using our Barcode API you will be able to integrate barcode reading functionality into your application within several hours or even less.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7 / 8 and laters
  • Linux (Centos, SuSE, Red Hat on Intel, etc.)
  • IBM AIX – 32 and 64 Bit
  • Mac OS X
  • iOS and Android

Features of VeryPDF Barcode Recognition COM/SDK

General Functions
  • VeryPDF Barcode Recognition COM/SDK supports COM and SDK interfaces.
  • Provide a COM interface for PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, VB, VB.NET, C++, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, etc. program languages.
  • Read barcodes from PNG, BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG and multipage TIF and PDF, etc. formats.
  • Read 1D barcodes (such as Code 39, Code 128, etc.) and 2D barcode: PDF417, DataMatrix, and QR code, etc.
  • Read barcodes printed on scanned paper documents.
  • Read barcodes embedded in PDF files.
  • Recognize 2D formats like PDF417, DataMatrix, Aztec and QR Code.
  • Recognize 30 different 1D barcode formats, Code 39, Codabar, UPC, Code 128, EAN 13, 2 of 5, etc.
  • Recognize postal barcodes like Planet, PostNet, Royal Post and Australian Post.
  • Speed & Accuracy: Read multiple barcodes at up to 1,000 pages per minute while accurately locating and decoding multiple barcodes on each page.
  • Multiple Platforms: Get the same great accuracy and speed on all of your languages/platforms.
    Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.
    Languages: .NET/WPF, JAVA, C/C++, Objective-C, PHP, VBScript, Javascript, Delphi, ASP, etc.
  • Fast, accurate and reliable barcode detection, reading and writing for use in any application or environment.
  • Read barcodes of any quality at any orientation.
  • Multithreaded support for running barcode in high-performance, server-based applications.
  • Supports both color and bitonal (black and white) images.
  • Easy to integrate into any application with only a few lines of code.
  • Error-correcting Codes (ECC) provide enhanced accuracy in low-quality images.
  • Return recognized barcodes with 100% confidence.
  • Automatically adapts to poor quality and damaged barcodes.
  • Support any barcode angle.
  • Are you looking for a solution to read all kinds of barcodes automatically? No problem, please feel free contact us.

Technical Details

Input Formats


Output Formats

  • Barcode String and Attributes

Product Variants

  • Shell Tool (Command Line)
  • API & SDK (Programming Interface)
  • COM & ActiveX (Programming Interface)

Programming Languages

All program libraries are written in efficient and thread-safe C++. API offers a selection of the following connections to programming languages:

  • C#, VB .NET, J# via .NET
  • Java via JNI
  • MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, MS Office products such as Access and C++ via COM
  • C and C++ via native C
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