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VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter


CHM to PDF Converter

  • Convert Compiled HTML Manual to PDF.
  • Convert CHM to PDF by command line.
  • Support both Windows and Mac OS X.
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, V 2.0
Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8, V 2.0
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Version 2.0

VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter Command Line is a command line application that can convert CHM to PDF documents and set PDF page size, margins, page orientation, etc. By running MS-DOS interface, users can extract any chapter or section from CHM files to PDF with command line.

VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter Command Line has Windows and Mac versions. The usages of the two versions are the same and both of them can convert CHM files to PDF documents. In the following contents, you will see how to use this command line application.

1. For Windows 2. For Mac OS X 3. Options

For Windows

1. Download the Windows version of VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter Command Line Then, please double click the EXE file and follow the setup wizard to install it on the computer. After the installation, you will see an executable file named chm2pdf.exe and other components in the installed folder.

2. Open the MS-DOS command prompt window in which you can input command line.

3. Input commands in the MS-DOS command prompt window. (You can refer to the following command line template to input the commands.)

chm2pdf [options] <input file> <output file>


chm2pdf: call the program.  

[options]: set output options for the PDF documents 

<input file>: specify the input CHM file 

<output file>: specify the output PDF document 

For example,

chm2pdf -g input.chm _g.pdf

This example is to convert a CHM file to grayscale PDF document.


If you need to extract a chapter or section from CHM file to PDF, you can use the three options: 

-chp <int/int/int..>, -chpft <int/…> <int/…>, and -pgft <int> <int>.   

For example,

chm2pdf -chp 2/1 input.chm output.pdf

chm2pdf -chpft 2/1 2/3 input.chm  output.pdf 

chm2pdf -pgft 1 25 input.chm output.pdf

The first example is to extract the first section of chapter two from input CHM to output PDF.

The second example is to extract the first and third section of chapter two from input CHM to output PDF.

The third example is to extract pages from 1 to 25 from CHM to PDF. 


If you want to set page margins for the output PDF file, you can use the following four options: 

-B  <num unit>, -L  <num unit>, -R  <num unit> and -T  <num unit>. 

For example,

chm2pdf -B 8 in input.chm _B.pdf

chm2pdf -L 100 pt input.chm _L.pdf

chm2pdf -R 6 cm input.chm _R.pdf

chm2pdf -T 100 mm input.chm _T.pdf           

The first example is to convert CHM to PDF and set the bottom margin of PDF pages as 8 in.

The second example is to convert CHM to PDF and set the left margin of PDF pages as 100 pt. 

The third example is to convert CHM to PDF and set the right margin of PDF pages as 6 cm.

The fourth example is to convert CHM to PDF and set the top margin of PDF pages as 100 mm. 


If you need to set page size of the output PDF file, you can use the following three options´╝Ü

-s  <string>-h  <num unit> and -w  <num unit>.  

For example,

chm2pdf -s Letter input.chm  output.pdf
chm2pdf-h 7 in -w 6 in input.chm output.pdf  

The first example is to convert CHM to PDF and set paper size of the PDF file as Letter. 

The second example is to convert CHM to PDF and set PDF page height as 7 in and PDF page width as 6 in. 

What’s more, you can also set page orientation for the output PDF file.

For example,

chm2pdf -O Landscape input.chm output.pdf

This example is to convert CHM to PDF and set PDF page orientation as Landscape. 


If you want to know more usage or options about this command line application, you can download the free trial version and browse readme.txt document in unpacked package.

For Mac OS X

1. Download the Mac version of VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter Command Line and unzip the package to your Mac OS X system. Then, please open a terminal window in the Mac OS X to run the program.

2.The usage of the Mac version is the same as the Windows version, so you can refer to usage of the Windows version to know how to use the Mac version.


VeryPDF CHM to PDF Converter Command Line supports the following options:

 -chp <int/int/int..>:       Select a CHM chapter to convert to PDF.

 -chpft <int/...> <int/...>: Select a chapter range to convert. The 

                             No chapters must be at the same level.

 -pgft <int> <int>:          Select a page range to convert. 

                             No bookmark will be generated.

 -B <num unit>:              Set the page bottom margin.

 -L <num unit>:              Set the page left margin.

 -R <num unit>:              Set the page right margin.

 -T <num unit>:              Set the page top margin.

 -O <string>:                Set page orientation (Landscape/Portrait,

                             No default Portrait).

 -s <string>:                Set paper size.

 -h <num unit>:              Set page height. -h and -w must

                             No be used together.

 -w <num unit> :             Set page width.

 -g:                         Generate PDF in grayscale.

 -l:                         Generate low quality pdf.

 -z <float>:                 Zoom in or zoom out (default 1).

 -$ <regcode>:               Register with a registration code.

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